Knk Shields

I just got my first tiny ding on my QC and am looking for a good protector. I’ve seen a couple posted here but nothing on Knk Shields which I just found yesterday. Anybody have experience? I really like the design. It attaches to the top with a couple washers to the exposed threads on the foot switches. Touch screen is covered with a piece that attaches/detaches with magnets. There’s a YouTube review from a guy in Sweden. Looks pretty solid.
They are based out of Poland. You can only order them by direct messaging via Instagram or Facebook (don’t love this). Cost is 96 USD after shipping and PayPal fees.

Erik Arkö YouTube Review
Knk Shield Facebook
Knk Shield Instagram

From their Facebook:


Can’t say anything about the QC covers, but the FM9 ones are great! Precisely cut, fitting perfectly and pretty robust. It’s under 80€ in Europe, including shipping and PayPal, IIRC. Ordering via PM worked as well.

Hope that helps a bit. :wink:


That’s great to hear! I was hoping there would be some success stories out there. I think I’m going to pull the trigger and get one. Thanks so much for the reply!

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I have one of the KNK shields mounted on my QC. Like alexsa said: The production quality is very good. There is a little gap between the cover and the QC around the place where the cover is bend. But I think the angle of the cover is intentionally a bit sharper than the angle of the surface of the QC, since the cover is only attached at the angled part. This ensures that there is some contact pressure on the upper part. But overall it does a great job protecting your QC.

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Thanks for sharing! And for the picture. It looks great. Glad to hear more positive feedback for their product. I ordered mine the other day after reading alexsa’s comment


I use the covers from High quality and I thing he has a good sale going.

Update. Received the shield. It took ~12 business days to arrive. I was a bit concerned at first because it’s warped looking in free state. But after installing with the 2 provided nuts per the instructions it’s in a decent condition and I feel my QC is protected. I am satisfied and would recommend.

Free State (when I was concerned):

After Installation (good condition):


Could someone give me the measurements of the acrylic so I can make one on my own?