How do you protect your QC?

Hi guys how do you protect your QC? I see there are plexiglass shields, but does that really take care of it? what worries me the most are the corners of the device

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Hello, and great to have you here. I bought the case that was made for the QC from Sweetwater. I also bought a stand for when I sit it on my desk which keeps it secure. I have heard that people buy like an iPad screen protector and just cut it down to go over the screen. It is made of Gorilla Glass and I am personally not really concerned with it, but I only play at home and church.

I had not really thought much about the corners. One thought I just had was to buy a felt kit, like the ones they sell for furniture so it doesn’t ruin your wood floors… then cutting strips that would glue to the corners of the unit and anywhere else you may feel it needs it. There may be rubber that could be applied in the same way. Hope this helps. God bless.