Quad Cortex Protectors

Hi All, Just wanted to show this great protective perspex cover I got for the QC, really going to add peace of mind when out gigging as the whole top of the unit is now covered.

Got this for £60 posted from Swinglehurst Guitars. UK based. You can find them on Instagram or Facebook.


Looks very well made.
Do you need to lift the cover to use the touchscreen?

You do yeah but it sits back nicely against my cali. It’s nice thick Perspex so even a heavy reveller in a particularly pointy shoe shouldn’t get through it.

Interesting! Potential damage has been a concern since I switched from a Kemper rack unit. Are there any concerns that temperature could be an issue in the sun on a hot stage in the summer?

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There’s no venting on the top of the unit so I can’t see it being an issue. It’s clear Perspex too so not sure if I’m really concerned

True, but venting may not be required if the surface is exposed. I’m just cautious, as I’ve had units overheat in the sun.

I was wondering about this too. Metal surfaces cool via dissipation, even without venting. Want to be sure that placing an insulating material like plastic on the surface doesn’t cause an overheating problem. Almost pulled the trigger on the plastic bottom and top but still have this concern. Don’t know if the temperature increase is significant, or depending on the tolerances of the components, if it would even be enough to cause a problem. Of course, if anyone, or me for that matter, steps on the screen and shatters it, the heat concern might seem silly in retrospect. Someone needs to do an internal temperature test, with and without plastic shielding.

I also considered just getting a tablet or phone type glass protector that just covers the screen. No threat of overheating that way, and you don’t need to lift it to use the touchscreen. Although that might provide some level of protection from bumps or something dropping on it, it would not provide the same level of protection as a thicker and more capacious shield that is supported by the chassis instead of the screen, like the one in the link above. Most assuredly better protection from being stepped on. Something I have seen happen. Ah, choices, choices. I feel like I better make a decision one way or the other though before I start gigging with the QC. Waiting for the 2.0 firmware release before that happens. Hybrid mode!


It looks very nice, but I think it covers areas that don’t need to be protected.

I would like to protect the screen and the level knob. That’s good enough for me.