Blog update on 4C

Updates on Neural Capture, expression pedal testing, and more.

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The last blog update was 2 1/4 months ago and since then there hasn‘t been any word from Neural about the Quad Cortex. Now they even removed all information about the amp and effects models from the product page. Do we have to worry?

I woudn’t worry , they’re probably just very busy trying to get it ready on time, if this was the only product from them I’d probably get a bit worried, but they have been around for a while, and seem to be very successful with their Plug Ins, but would be nice to start seeing demos etc…

Hey @Doug,

Any updates?

Is the Quad Cortex still on track for September release?

Will we be getting any videos showing off its features and progress before its release?

Doug posted on TGP recently with a couple of relevant tidbits

So far we’re pushing pretty hard to begin shipments in September. I’m overseeing production personally, and pretty much our entire engineering team (roughly 50 strong) is working on Quad Cortex.
It’s crunch time for sure, and COVID certainly hasn’t helped, it’s bee quite the adventure, but I’m confident we’ll make it on time.
If we, for some reason, we need to extend the delivery date (which again, we’re pushing super hard not to), we’ll keep everyone who preordered for September updated.

We’re preparing a lot of content but mostly to be released in September.


Oof, I was hoping they would release content next month :frowning:

I hope we’ll have enough time before it’s out to make the decision whether to buy it or not