Scene switching not working correctly. Scene description and colour label move but not the underlying parameters

If I swap scenes or copy in a preset, say swap footswitch A labelled Clean with G labelled Trem, the scene description swaps correctly but the underlying parameters don’t move. If I copy a scene it pastes the copied name and colour but not the parameters. I am not using Cortex Control to make these swaps or copies.

I have repeated the action multiple times is many of my presets. The description swaps and the colour label and that is all. Brand new presets also don’t swap or copy and paste correctly.

I have reported this issue to Neural but they cannot replicate this swapping issue. I am hoping that others can mention this issue if they are experiencing it too, in order that a fix can be initiated. I would be grateful if some could test the swap or copy feature on their QCs.

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I experienced this bug too! I wanted to “clean up” an older preset I use for live shows and copied the main scene I usually base the other scenes on from E to A. Name and LED color copied correctly but the parameters didn’t, strangely it did copy some parameters correctly but not all. I was able to reproduce it by swapping scenes (instead of copying) also. Formerly I used this preset in hybrid mode (top stomp, bottom scenes) and switched to full scene mode just before copying / swapping scenes… Maybe this has something to do with it? The preset is fairly “old” too, I created it on a version <2.0.0. Were you able to fix it in the meantime?

EDIT: It seems like only block on/off parameters aren’t getting copied to the destination scene. Can you confirm this?

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I reported it to the support by mail today and sent in two diagnostic reports from the QC after the bug occured. I hope they can fix it ASAP… really breaks the workflow for me.

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Hi David.
Brilliant. I communicated with them a few weeks back. I was beginning to think it was only me! They said they were not able to replicate the issue and asked me to send a video of the issue. This I did but haven’t yet heard anything after my video. This issue is greatly impacting my workflow too. Hope it gets resolved soon. Regards.
Just seen your original post. You may be right about the block on/off parameters, not sure. I am away from my QC at the moment. If I am experiencing something different to what you say I will let you know in due course. I am also not sure which update broke the functionality?

I got a response from the support team: They acknowledge the bug and are working on a fix :raised_hands:

"You probably have the ‘Scene Bypass State Behavior’ parameter in the Settings set to the 3rd option (do not overwrite by any method).

Technically the swap scene and copy scene options should not work in this mode. So the bug is that the swap scene and copy scene options are enabled in this mode. A workaround is to temporally select the top or middle option for the ‘Scene Bypass State Behavior’ parameter in the Settings menu, then swap or copy the scene(s)."

And a second Mail: “Correct, the modes should not influence the copy/swap function. We are currently working with the devs to decide the expected behavior and implement changes for the next update.”


Yep David, I got this report too, you kindly got there in front of me to drop it in here. Kind regards.

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