Help with parameter changes between scenes?

Hey y’all,

I’m not able to figure out changing values on a block between scenes? Specifically I want to bump up the gain on the amp block or the mix on the reverb block between scene A (rhythm) and scene B (lead). If I adjust the gain or mix while in scene B it automatically makes the same adjustment across all scenes. Is there a way to have each scene lock it’s own parameters? I swear I have scene that capability in different artist and factory presets.

Thanks I’m advanced

Touch and hold the parameter you want to control with scenes. A symbol will appear next to the dial. Then you can set it how you like per scene.


As Aleksi said.

A couple pointers as you get into scenes. First, decide how you want blocks or devices on/off setting to stick if you switch into stomp mode. Personally I want the scene when I start it to always be exactly how I set it up. I don’t want to switch to stomp mode, turn on an effect, then switch scenes and have that stomp stay on for the next time I start that scene. Kind of hard to explain, but you want to adjust that in your settings: Top right … menu, Settings > Device Options > Scene Bypass Stat Behavior. Personally I like the second option.

Tip, start with your Scene A with all of the effects either off or in the position you’d want to start when building other scenes. Set their parameters to your “default” setting you want as your baseline for any other scenes. Then save the preset. Then go through all the effect blocks and touch/hold all the parameters you want to change with scenes. When you go to Scene B, it’ll be just like Scene A now, and you can edit as you want. When you go to Scene C, it’ll be just like how Scene A was also, and you can adjust as you want. If you want to make a small alteration to Scene C as Scene D, for instance, you can always copy Scene C to D (using the menu at the top right) and then make adjustments. But for me I always like to start with my “Primary” or default for the whole preset for all the scenes, and making sure I start with that before changing settings on scenes helps my workflow.

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