Scene Revert!

Basically when you pull up a scene, and go to the FX mode (which I think should be accessible in some other way than pressing two buttons at once - this is so risky on a gig and has failed me before by changing preset. This shouldn’t happen… make it more like preset selection where it flashes and doesn’t select until you hit the new scene!)… it would be better if you when you add say, delay and tremolo, next time you go back there, the scene has reverted to it’s saved state and not sort of, auto saved?

Fractal call it Scene Revert, and I think it just happens by default on Kemper.

Really useful, and much less of a pain when playing live.

I’m out of votes, but I’d vote for this if I could.
From what I’m understanding, NDSP calls this a bug and would address it in a future hotfix- I don’t think this was the way scenes worked initially.