Scene lock fonction

here’s what scene lock should be like : imagine I use scene A , but I add some effects in stomp mode. If I recall scene A I wish it can recall it was saved.

This would be a very helpful feature, especially with hybrid mode coming to the Quad Cortex eventually. The fonction could be selectable scene by scene to make it flexible.

Yes exactly!!! Please it’s so usefull. Bigest bang for the buck.

Used to be able to do this on my Axe Fx - reverting to default saved Scene should be a switchable option - I did this and it became my go to method for live erformance - you could select a scene - switch to stomp mode, kick in whatever you needed then switch back to scene mode and reselect the same scene to get back to the default settings for that scene - it’s a no brainer - I’m finding this is a real pain without the feature - hope this can be implimented soon!!

That is indeed currently not so nice so your proposal is a good idea.