Scene/preset management via GUI

When using the QC on a desk, the rotary switches are wonderful for setting params values, but pressing them with hands is a bit inconvenient. A touch-drag-drop action on the screen would be a better option, so… what about making all the various options of moving, copying, etc, (that normally require the push of buttons, change of scene, etc…) available also via a dedicated page in the GUI, where you can drag and drop objects on he touch screen?
I mean it as an additional way, not as a substitution.

Hi @edel , can you be more specific? You already can copy/paste/delete/swap (most, if not all functions etc.) all via the touch screen currently.

Forgive me if I didn’t RTFM deeply enough… but I was mainly referring to the operations of duplicating or deleting a preset, or moving them in a scene page… where I have to interact with the QC via the footswitches to select the destination preset to be saved.
This, and probably some other operations that involve a button press could be made also via drag ad drop or tap in a new dedicated main menu page.
I use the QC on my desk at the moment, and (personal opinion) I’d prefer the tap-drag-drop on screen instead of the push button to select and save, once my hand is in place over the touch screen.
I know it could sound silly, but these are the details that make a UI better than others…

LOL, nobody reads the manual and with the QC UI, it makes it easy and less complicated. I honestly can’t think of any feature or function outside of accessing the tuner or tempo that can’t be completed via the touchscreen. That was my reasoning for inquiring specifics :slight_smile:

You can duplicate any preset via ‘Save As’ function etc., you can move, delete and or swap presets by sliding the preset/capture to the left to reveal the copy/paste/swap functions. I mainly use the QC on our control desk as well with a MIDI foot controller.

Also note, with CoreOS v2.0, we are going to see a new file manager which hopefully addresses these features as well.