Extra scenes

I don’t know if it’s possible in the QC but an option to use the up and down buttons as two additional scenes in scene mode would be cool. Tapping the top right button turns it back into standard mode buttons (or tapping both mode buttons). I guess the display would be an issue. The option could be turned off or on in settings. Or even a display icon in grid to turn that off and on

I could see this as “pages” where, when in scene mode, tapping up/down shifts to a new “page” of scenes. This way you’d have 8 more new scenes per “page”.

This should probably be toggleable - where if you want to keep those switches as preset up/down (no scene pages) you have that option, but if you turn on scene pages, you will need to explicitly change to preset mode to move up/down presets (or maybe those become a long press vs a tap - that’s probably better)

I’ve also asked for “virtual” scenes that could be access via MIDI to go beyond the 8 footswitches on the QC. This way you can have 8 on the QC and then up to 8 more accessible via MIDI if you have an external controller.


I can see also another way of having more scenes, by being able to double tap and long tap on the switches like in the FM3.
But yes, definitely need more scenes and stomps…

Another 8 scene, or add pages will be very efficient with all possibilities

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