Feature Request - cancel button for 'copy scene' function

When you long press a button in scene mode, it activates the ‘copy scene’ function, and the only way to cancel out of it is by touching the screen.

A few times when practicing songs, i’ve inadvertently triggered this function by leaving my foot on the button because i’m concentrating on the next part of the song, and i’m a bit concerned if this happens at a gig that i won’t be able to bend down and cancel, or worse, i’ll end up overwriting one of my scenes.

It would be great if the tap tempo footswitch could be mapped to cancel this function.

My vote would be to move it to the corner menu. I’ve had this happen more than once at gigs and it’s really distracting, annoying, maddening…and another reason I don’t gig with the Quad Cortex.

That said, an off switch would be slightly less irritating.

Agree - I think the long press on the footswitches to copy and paste scenes should be removed entirely and replaced with a preset menu item. I don’t see why anyone would need to use their feet to quickly copy and paste scenes - it’s all done ahead of time when you are setting up your preset.

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i’m ok with that too. there must be a more useful function to map to long press in scene mode, but i haven’t had my unit long enough to know what that might be. some kind of lock mode for gigs or something that stops you inadvertently doing something dumb in the middle of a song? -shrug-

The same scene button could be used to get out of the scene copy menu

oh! i hadn’t thought of that. i’ll give it a go later, but there’s still the danger of not remembering which button you pressed last or what scene you’re in during the heat of the moment

I don’t think it works. What I meant to say is that NDSP could implement it using the same button

ah gotcha. Yeah that would work - and if the current scene button could be a different colour to show where you’re copying from, that would make it pretty easy