Expression Mode : one pedal, multiple application

I’ve always wich this on a device. A mode when you can have only 1 or 2 pedal expression, but you can assign to multiple parameter but it affect only in the “bank expression” selected on the preset.
Ex : on each preset you have a new mode wich have like 8 scene.
Scene A : Expression 1 control Wha
Scene B : Expression 1 control pitch
Scene C : Expression 1 control global volume
Scene D : Expression 1 control Time Reverb
Scene E : Expression 1 control gain amp

With just 1 expression, you have with the QC a full control of your preset
And for sure when you switch on each scene, there’s a catchup system to not jump on high settings difference.
This could be done by smart external midi controller, but it add another pedal, and there’s not midi linking possibilities on every parameters