Option to turn on/off Expression per scene?

I would love the option to have the expression pedal control an effect per scene. For example…

Scene 1 I would like to have my expression control on/off and pitch from 0 to +12 on a whammy pedal.
Scene 2 I would like the whammy to be on at +12 without the expression.

I believe currently I would need to have 2 whammy effects and control them separately.

Just throwing it out there.

I am just following up… I currently now have multiple songs that require an expression for a wah on one scene and an expression for a whammy on another scene in gig view. I am using expression 2 to control a volume block and I’d love to be able to assign expression 2 to different blocks per scene. One scene where it controls the wah and another scene where it controls the whammy. I’d also the love the ability to turn off the expression and the effect on the other scenes were it is not in use. I’m pretty sure the Helix allowed this and it was a great feature (I could be wrong as it’s been a while since I’ve used my Helix).

This request includes the same function you’re asking for, please vote here.

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Thank you. Voted.

Thanks for your efforts as Director of Requests, DC! Much appreciated!