Expression As Global Volume Pedal

An expression pedal should default to behaving as a volume pedal.

The user should be able to tell it where to sit in the chain, with global options for the beginning or end of the chain.

Please also auto-engage the tuner when the volume pedal is all the way down.

Needing to set it per patch is not great, and needing to limit its sweep so that it doesn’t go above where you had the volume set in the first place is also not great.

Yes indeed! All of the above. Almost blew my head off using phones and trying out the expression pedal…

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Ha! Yeah… same.

An expression pedal should default to behaving as a volume pedal.

Agree Expression pedal should be set globally for volume. Important that there is a setting wherein it only turns amp volume down allowing pedals to trail off in a musical fashion. Axe-fx users have developed several “work arounds” to accomplish this trailing effect but Axe-fx also provides a global volume setting for the expression pedal.

FULLY AGREE: auto-engage the tuner when the volume pedal is all the way down.

I would also have expression pedal 2 initially setup for the “WAH” which is by far the most used secondary pedal requiring pedal control. Allow people to change this but a global setup would save so much time.

Current expression setup regimen is very time consuming.



Before I sold my AxeFX II to pay for my pre-ordered QC, I too had an expression pedal assigned to control global volume output for all outputs. That was a feature that I was grateful to have, especially during band practice and writing sessions.

I don’t understand what your problem is using the Gain block as a volume control. This gives you the freedom to place this block anywhere in the chain. Assign an expression pedal, set the max value to 50% and save that as default, done.
Volume should always be controlled before the effects (delay, reverb etc) and after the cab block or directly before the amp block (if you want to influence the gain of the amp), this would not be possible with a global function.


Voted for as described by OP. Had this feature on the Kemper and loved it. Just drop the volume and engage the tuner in one shot. Beats holding the button for several seconds.

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Plus one here, this is how it works on the kemper and it would be good here too. Im also missing thr kemper always on tuner lights and the tuner parallax tuner display.

Absolutely a must for an option to set up volume pedal globally. Engaging a tuner at lowest volume is also a great idea I could love very quickly

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This is a ui needed feature for sure, along with one for monitor volume and even wah should be standard. 0 volume to tuner as an option as well.

My mind is boggled that there is still no dedicated volume block. Just baffled. That and the way the amp/cabs are organized still haven’t been changed. I really want to get behind this product more, but it’s like NDSP is dead set on ignoring all the little requests.

Agree, we have commented this before but ………
We need a volume pedal block. Maybe you don’t, but we do. Maybe In the next update they will stop ignoring all the little requests. Do you think it will help if say that “we can’t breathe” (sarcasm)

Agree with the OP that the expression pedal should default to a “Volume” block. The QC absolutely requires a dedicated volume block or at the least a “Volume” option on the Gain block! Btw, for anyone using it as of firmware 1.40, setting the ‘Max’ value to 50% using the expression pedal’s trim controls will limit the max value to unity 0.0db (which is what most people want) - at least on my expression pedal. Allowing the volume block to act globally, per preset, or per scene, would be great to have as well.

An expression pedal should default to behaving as a volume pedal.

NO. While I completely agree that there should be a Volume block for those that want and need it, I absolutely do NOT want expression jacks to Default as anything. We all use the QC in different ways, so please don’t make things default (and not optional) for that don’t need it. I use both of my EXP jacks all the time and neither are tied to volume or wah.

I propose that this be an option in the settings where the user can assign what the Exp jack defaults as globally, whether it be Volume, Wah, etc. OR, create a Volume Block that can be Copy and Pasted across Presets.

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I agree. It seems nearly obvious to me that an expression pedal should be assignable to inputs and outputs. I typically use a global volume pedal and a monitor volume that can be swapped out for special effects like wah etc.

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+1 for volume pedal down = tuner on. This is crucial for live situations.

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+1 from my side