Reverb on/off in IR loader to save CPU

Would be great to be able to completely disengage this with on/off parameter. This was actually picked up by someone else when they noticed you can load more IRs with cab blocks than IR loaders. I assume it’s due to the room reverb in the IR loader.

I don’t understand what value-add including a reverb in the IR loader has. The IR Loader sound better to me than reassigning IRs in the Cab block and they’re sooo much easier to use, but I can now only run 3-4 IR Loaders on a row due to CPU use. Stop combining functionalities please.

Yeah i don’t get it either. There’s other ways to make “room sound” already.

I agree that reverb should be optional in the IR Loader blocks…

But while I saw the same limitation as you concerning the IR Loader block when I tried to use them instead of a bunch of Cab blocks (switching them on/off with scenes) , I noticed that the IR Loader block can use scene parameter on the IR file !

Now, I only use 1 IR Loader block on my preset, and the Scenes dynamically change the IR used in the IR Loader. (I don’t do it really often , but while there can be some latency, it doesn’t cut the sound)

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are you saying you change change the IRs in the loader per scene? if so, cool!

Yep !
I was a ‘Holy F🤯ck’ moment when I discovered it ! Really cool feature (that should be advertised, imho)

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I’ll do my best to spread the word. That’s pretty cool

Sweet! Scene parms to the rescue. Thanks!

Changing impulses via Scenes also works in the Cab block.
So i need only one cab block in my presets and use an integrated cab in clean passages and my own impulses in my HiGain sounds.

I never saw that page of the IR Loader block. Can you turn it off competitively?