IR Loader block needs a Mix control

When using acoustic guitar body image IRs, it is often necessary to blend the IR with the dry pickup. A Mix control on the IR Loader block would support this. Default would be 100% Wet.

Without this you have to:

  1. Use a parallel patch to blend the dry guitar with the IR Loader, or
  2. Use a Dual IR Loader, and put a neutral 0dB IR in the other side, then blend with the two levels, or
  3. Create the blended IR in some other tool and download different IRs for different blend levels.

None of these would nearly as convenient as a Mix control on the IR Loader block.

I agree. I kind of wish every device had a mix control. I know a lot of them do. But if they all had them that woukd be great.

What is the room mix on page 2 of the IR loader?

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That’s the amount of room reverb you want to use in the IR.

I find that the Room Reverb (Room Mix) is great when using headphones.
Kind of helps to give some dimensions to your sound (instead of feeling like it’s coming straight from your head)

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Voted. I wouldn’t need a feature like this for electric guitar applications, but I agree with the use case for acoustic guitars. Maybe bass as well.

This would be a nice addition, for the moment you can achieve it with a splitter/mixer though. This would simplify things though.

There needs to be a IR Block in stereo. Love the IR Block but need to use the Single Stereo IR Loader for my usecase atm.

Stereo effects before IR Block (before that is a FX send block to feed my hardware power Amp) in parallel to using in ears over Out1/2.

I 100% agree and was about to make this same request myself. Also in my opinion all effects should have mix option, since the grid is very limited in terms of parallel processing. You have to sacrifice a row whenever you want any paraller processing. What if you want to blend an overdrive into your vocal track? There are so many creative ways to use the mix knob that it should just simply be there for any effect.

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