IR Loader Block/device + library for custom blocks

IR loading in the current cab block is pretty clunky. If you load 2 IRs into a cab and save as default, you lose that cab’s factory settings, and can’t rename the cab to reflect the actual IRs being used.

It’d be super handy to have a separate IR Loader block. I don’t know if system resources allow this, but if that block could have extended length IRs, it could even be used for Reverbs. With the amount of versatility a block like this could have, it’d be helpful for the user to be able to save different configurations of the block for various purposes - reverbs, cab1, cab2, vox eq, etc. I imagine this being organized similar to how captures are now, where you can create your own and store them onboard, upload to cloud, etc.

Yes indeed its clunky that you have to use a preexisting cab to load external IR’s.
The fact that you can’t rename them makes it confusing since it looks like you are using a preset Cab rather than an external IR.