IRs: IR loader or cab - and setting tweaks?

Hi all,

Is there any difference between using the IR loader or cab blocks? And do you need to tweak settings or are the defaults ok?

Forgive the ignorance!


Hi. There is no difference in sound if you are using same IR, but cab block provide slightly more latency than IR block.

Don’t forget that the IR block has a second page for room reverb settings.

Yes the main difference is the IR loader works with Single/Dual (both mono/stereo), delay, room size, high and low pass filters etc. It works great!

Thanks, all.

Is there any way to create cab blocks with only one mic/IR?

Sure, use the cab block and disable one (mic) side etc., OR use the IR loader with one IR (Single/Mono).


In respect of settings, then, I’m not a tweaker - but find it sounds different running two in a cab vs two in an IR block. I’m just not sure why…

Probably due to the additional parameters (H/L pass, delay and room size etc.) that are used/available.