Requests: Mic Studio preamp Universal Audio 610


I would appreciate it if Neural included at least one mic preamp. It could be the Universal Audio 610, or the Neve 1073, or even better, both.

Currently I use some captures downloaded from the cloud, however, a block that could be modified to taste would surely be better.

Thank you

Although I don’t have a QC, I love this idea! I think it would be a great addition for us studio guys that use the plugins, too. I liked this idea so much, I mistakenly voted for it before I realized it was for the QC, not the plugins. Hahaha

Maybe NDSP should put something in the profile that allows us to select if we use the Quad Cortex, Plugins, or both, so it could bar boneheads like me from voting on a product I don’t have. :disappointed:

I think a few choices would be great. The 1073 and Solo610 are solid choices, as are the API 312, Trident, Quad Eight, Hardy M1, Presonus ADL600, Blue Robbie, Tube Tech MP2A, D.W. Fern VT1, A Designs MP2A, V72/76. Any of these would be amazing.

And please include a mic for the back of the cab with the phase flipped, too!