What if Neural DSP signed an agreement with Chase Bliss or Hologram Electronics?

Having models of Mood or Microcosm pedals in the Quad Cortex would be soo good…

100%. I’d love some glitchy pad generation.

They could always make their own approximation, I suppose. I’ve been meaning to play with Rabea’s Icicles preset, adding a freeze block and reverse delay to see if I could make something similar to the Mood, but not had the time to really get into it yet…(not sure I’ve got the know-how either tbh)

If anyone fancies giving it a go, I’d love to see what you can come up with…


Or Meris. Strymon. Old Blood Noise Endeavors… Etc

I’ve been building approximations where I can but it would be cool to see some versions come to the QC if possible.


This is where I thought/think @neural was/is going to take things. Like the iphone is to apps. In this case neural would make the platform and the content providers (ie strymon/fender/ampeg/etc) would sell their amps/cabs/pedals/ whatever plug-in.

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Add in a subscription-based plugin hub and I think you’ve got the NDSP endgame covered.

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If I had to pay a stupid subscription fee every month or year for sounds on the QC I would sell that thing immediately lol. I couldn’t imagine trying to connect to wifi at a venue with the horrible wifi in the QC so it could approve a subscription license in the unit.

Also couldn’t imagine ever putting more money towards this thing, especially after I felt duped by Neural with their incorrect devices list on their website. Years later and they still don’t have the effects they advertised. Probably wouldn’t have purchased this originally if I knew the polyphonic drop tune device wasn’t availablele yet/ doesn’t seem to be on the horizon for the QC development either.


Same. Not a chance I’ll be paying any sort of subscription. Maybe I’d pay one off for something unique and complex like the Mood, but anything north of $100 would be a no from me. I can’t imagine they’d licence it that cheap though,. Let’s just say I’m not holding my breath…

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I’m perfectly content with the models of various amps, cabs, and pedals that are delivered and added with free firmware updates by the several companies providing high end modelers. I am not anxious to see sales strategies that could drive up the cost of ownership dramatically. This is definitely potentially a slippery slope.

I don’t see where a model that is “authorized” by its manufacturer is going to necessarily be any better or more accurate than many that have already been emulated by some very talented developers. Models that are currently included with modelers at purchase, and the additional amps and effects that are added later via firmware updates.

Odds are in-house devs for the current players - Neural, Line6, Fractal, etc…, are going to end up writing the code for the models anyway. Even if they partner with, or are “authorized”, by another company. At least for the foreseeable future. Seems like you could just end up paying out on a regular basis for ad-hoc model additions that could have been added at no additional cost to the user, via firmware.


The other layer to that is a company releasing hardware that is advertised with more options than it actually comes with. It’s pretty twisted for half baked things to get released, and it still doesn’t have the stuff they originally advertised three years ago.

The first result on google for “quad cortex effects list” is a list on their website. Without being able to try the unit at any nearby stores, I trusted that to be the real list. Instead of getting the unit I realized it’s totally not accurate and many things still weren’t part of QC. Truly wild that they still have that up on their website to dupe people into thinking QC has that stuff. Wouldn’t be mad if they were just more transparent with what it actually came with.

If they added a paid subscription or DLC type thing it would be a no go for me. If you’re going to do that, you need to have a complete unit that you’re advertising.

Screenshot 2023-09-05 093418

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Exactly. The early lists mentioned the Bogner Harlow too, but that’s not materialised yet.

I’ve been waiting for that so I can sell my real one…

But why even leave that published on the website for nearly 4 years? I can’t think of another piece of music equipment that is labeled in such a deceptive way for features. You can’t just have a list of every possible effect you might want to add to your product and have a small asterisk about the list changing at any time lol

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It’s an archive page of News Updates. If they removed them, someone would complain that they’re trying to erase history and hide things. Everything they’ve published is still available there. Much is obsolete, but that’s how news works.

There has always been an updated list on that same page. It’s up to the buyer to do due diligence and stay informed. They weren’t being deceptive, it was an initial goal. You can track the progress of reaching that goal thru the subsequent updates


Unfortunately they make it very hard to find what effects are actually on the QC. It’s hidden away in multiple lists on another part of their website. Also insane it isn’t one comprehensive list, and you need to click through multiple pages. Otherwise I guess there’s the product manual, but navigating that as a first time buyer to see what effects are actually on it is insane. The manual for this thing is so long lol.

Somehow there is nothing on the actual page for the QC on their site. It just says 50+ effects lol, and then boasts about whatever sharc processors are in it. Which, who cares because it runs proprietary software on a Linux system. So it means nothing without any knowledge on the dsp each effect uses.

It’s just shitty they aren’t upfront about all the stuff that’s actually on the unit currently. It’s hidden away deep into a massive manual, or super hard to find part of their site.

On the actual QC page of their site it still mentions the $1599 price, and the amount to reserve a pre order of it. They just haven’t updated info for it on there in at least a couple years. You’d expect valuable information about the unit when you click a tab that says “Quad Cortex FAQS” when the page doesn’t actually provide info about what’s actually included in a 1900 modeler.

What if they add the option to use NAM capture. just as you can add third party IR. Since this is open it should not be added cost no?

Does Nam run on Linux? The QC is running their own software on a Linux system. Nam would somehow need to be ported to work with either Linux or their software.

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Unfortunately they make it very hard to find what effects are actually on the QC. It’s hidden away in multiple lists on another part of their website. Also insane it isn’t one comprehensive list, and you need to click through multiple pages.

The device list is kept updated in the manual. How are you so mad? Do us all a favour and fucking sell your QC already.

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I just don’t think it’s fair to the consumer. They could improve the available info of the unit and update their site beyond the early pre order.

Can’t really get more up-to-date than TODAY. Just don’t scroll into the past.

Maybe you’re not looking in the right place?
This is where all the official info is posted, archived, and updated. Right up thru today’s hotfix release:

I’m really waiting for those kind of effects and i think it will go there and more with the teased synth block. I must say it can’t come soon enough as it was one part of my decision to go with the QC and have my all in one thing.

I’m sure when it will be available it will be great taste sounding synth like Meris etc… But When ??