Preamp Emulations for Studio Use

Hey everyone! Throwing this out there as I haven’t seen it discussed yet.

Seeing as the Quad Cortex has plenty of onboard DSP, built-in mic preamps and can be used as an interface, I’m wondering if the idea of adding preamp emulations has been discussed. Similar to what you would find through a UA or Antelope interface, but built into the Quad Cortex for studio or live use.

They could be inserted as a block and used to process vocals on the way in or to add some additional color to a guitar or bass signal chain, etc. Everything I’ve heard from Neural so far on the guitar and bass end has been incredible, it would be awesome to see what they could do in this realm too.


Wondering the same thing! (hoping for the same thing)

you can run a preamp into a preamp but it’s not advised… so it seems to me there would need to be a way to disable the hardware preamp which is built in.

I am really hoping that we can do neural captures of our favorite mic pres and other studio gear (tube saturation and particular coloration from different vintage units)

If you treat it like a pedal you could at least capture the tone, presence and character of a mic pre…


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A nice tube preamp emulation would be great for an acoustic guitar.