Request! Please lowpass on compressors! Maybe an LA2A compressor?! and a Pulteq EQ?(the most used studio pieces of gear ever!) thanks so much

I wanted to ask how crazy would be to have the most used music tool maybe in history :smiley: the teletronix La2a Tube compressor, Its the only compressor that enhances low frecuencies naturally, its just beautifull!! I have it in the Universal Audio Apollo and its just perfect.

And the other request is a low and a high band pass as compressor options, this should leave bass dry to whatever Hz you select, like a crossover, or compressing from wherever you select to wherever else for ex.compressing only from 400hz to 5k, I can kind of do it but it tooks another row to divide signal and eq off lows, compress, and return to mix, it could be very usefull, like the mix know and they actually compliment each other for smooth compression.

And so far so good, why dont make it three request, a Pulteq EQ block, the most iconic eq ever existed!!! Amazing for guitars and for bass as well.

thanks so much for takeing the time reading this, and I hope many other guitarist think these are importante pieces of gear to have around!! :smiley: :woman_cartwheeling:

I love this thing is the best sound Ive ever had.!