Guitar->Bass Octaver Patch

Has anyone created a patch for dropping a guitar down one octave (similar to the Electroharmonix Bass 9 pedal) to emulate a standard electric bass? I’ve created a simple version of it but I’d imagine there is some expertise in tweaking the EQ, compression etc. to sound as much like a bass as possible. With the new looper this seems like a fun and useful patch and curious if anyone has done something high quality already?


have you searched around the QC hub for one? might be there just waiting to be downloaded haha - anyways, you can get pretty close by rolling off a fair amount of hi-end and a small amount of mids. Running your ‘ideal’ bass sound through a graphic eq to see how it’s balanced would also be a good starting point.

Thanks - hadn’t used the app yet (just got mine after a long wait, and still learning). Didn’t see anything but your idea is a good one A I have a decent bass here and maybe I’ll run that through input two with no effects and the guitar through input one and see how close I can get :slight_smile:

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