Request for Looper X

Greetings .

My request is to also have a CC# command to reset Looper X , as per the first registration.

Good music

Hello gar

I wonder how we make the NDSP guys understand how a good Looper works:

  1. it can be cleared up easily
  2. it has at least 2 Tracks easy to combine
  3. it can switch between Parts

Iā€˜d love to have just a copy of the functionality of the voicelive, RC500, headrush or other Software loopers.

Allfhough I sold my rc500 now I still struggle with the uncomfortable design of the user interface.

Abingba full programable dirplay 11 switches and the power of the QC the resulting Looper should have blown away all the others,.

But they did not think of working live looping musiciians but of studio and home studio users.

Feel sorry for this.


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MIDI Learn this may also be related / good to vote for the get full MIDI control over those commands