Clear up Looper X

Hello QC team

All my loopers before (Boss, TC, …) could be cleared up by holding the stop-button down for seconds,
I did not find a solution on the QC.

will we get one soon?

I need it in live performance.

Thanks Olaf

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so far, you just have to start recording a new loop, that deletes (clears) the old one.

Hey xush

have to check, would never have tried.
OK: My German mind >>> clear up first before next use :rofl:



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Hi Xush, I have not used the looper much at all, but I was wondering why with all of the time it can record that there is no way to save multiple loops. Is that something that they may be changing? It just seems like it is not all that useful for anyone that is doing live performances. Couldn’t it be as easy as having multiple installations of the looper and the loops being names like loop 1, loop 2, etc… or even the capacity to custom name them. If there is still space it would seem like a good way to use it to its fullest. I think, therefore I cause trouble. :wink:


I only use it for tweaking tones, not for performance- pretty much bcz of the reasons you describe.

It was originally announced there would be 2 loopers, a ‘simple’ and a ‘superlooper.’ Not really sure which version this fulfilled, or if that idea was abandoned. It does give me hope that another version could include multiple loops or more performance-friendly features. Some have used the midi-hack (connecting QC midi IN to OUT with one cable) to program more usability for the Looper, but otherwise we just kind of have to wait and see. There definitely seems to be plenty of room on the memory card to have multiple loops or to store/save loops (that’s what I’d like).

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As I come from the Boss RC300 and now RC 500, I know the possibilities I need, and that is only two tracks. So this option is the one I have on the QC, and that is perfect for me.

I think it would have been more usefull for Looper-Fans, if the QC would follow the common structure of the stand-alone stompboxes.

At least this small topic with the “delete all” function by holdig down “stop” for seconds - that is standard - shows, that reenvention of existing tools might be interesting, but mostly confusing.

I checked it, and it works. I like the standard better.

On the other hand a solution of more tracks working parallel as you asked for migt have a very different apperance. So hope you get what you need.

Thanks for the hint.



I’ve posted about this and made a feature request so please vote here!


Hello again

After some trials with the QC-Looper I can say, that the clearing button is missing.

If you start recording over the existing loop, and you press undo, the not wanted old loop will be played: horror!

So why not work like all other Loopers do: press and hold „stop“ and the loops are deleted.

Wold help more than reverse and half speed ( I never used, never heard these functions been by musicians)


it could definitely use some reworking, function-wise. There are several good feature requests asking for improvements.

I have used the Looper w/ 1/2 speed and reverse to good effect with rhythm tracks- you can create a pseudo-metronome or ‘drum track’ for playing along to. I’ve done it by tapping in a rhythm on an electric kalimba and then slowing it and flipping it- it’s perfect for ambient-type playing. If you used a mic, you could loop just about anything lying around the studio (I’ll be trying that next)

Yes, the Looper effects are usefull for certain situations. Having them on the top row of the 8 footswiches might be nice, but below directly in reach you need record, play, stop, overdub, undo/redoo, and clear the tracs, and the up and down button should change Tracs, an there should be more than 2 , and recordtime more than 10 min.

Just a normal looper. Add. With metronome!

I want to use it live not at home. And stil the QC ist to uncomfortable compared to the RC500 that wanted to replace.

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