Quad Cortex Looper

Will the Quad Cortex include a looper function?

This is an essential part of my (and many others’) rig for practice and performing. I’d love to see an integrated loop mode or module to make this unit even more self contained. Multi track looping could expand the creative possibilities even further.

A built in metronome with tap tempo / midi sync would be very useful, especially with the looper.


Hello, @getluckymojo. The list with confirmed effects/features will be out soon.


Yes, please, don’t skimp on the looper!
Some decent looping time (> 1 minute), click, customizable time signature and quantize <3


Yes - all of this^, as well as the ability to keep the loop playing within a preset while auditioning blocks of amps, cabs, fx. I never use it live but it’s a ‘must’ for dialing patches.


Possibility to record loop phrases with different lengths would be great.

Food for thought:


i see the looper is listed as an upcoming tool, which is great news!,even tho. i already have a very nice looper, with great functions, i only have a looper with one track, could you guys “Neural dsp” please consider a two track looper or maybe even a 3 track looper (for rhythm , chorus, bridge) or just (rthytm and chorus). i think boomerang and electronic harmonix made a looper pedal like that


Btw, reviving this thread for a little feature request re the looper (among the many :stuck_out_tongue:), about looper placement.

For instance, Line6’s Helix offers the looper as a normal FX block that you position wherever you like; however if you move to another patch without looper, the looping will stop (ugh). And of course you can take the time and add the looper to each and every path, but that’s supertedious for (IMO) the most common scenario.
The Kemper on the other hand keeps it as invariant either pre or post, so you can always go to another rig and keep the looper running.

So here’s the FR: can we have the option to “pin” the looper (a la Kemper) to freely browse through patches while still looping?


Will the Quad Cortex still have a Looper? It’s not listed on the list of effects.

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It was never in the list as far as I can remember because they didn’t plan to have one - but shortly after announcing it they received a ton of requests and promised to deliver it in future iterations of the firmware.

It’d be good if they explicitly listed it, though, to put doubts at rest.

It is in the pipeline and it was listed as tool or utility
Neural dsp also confirmed Its in the pipeline.
But just not in by launch

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I know it is in the pipeline, but how it will work?
How many channels and how will be the operation modes?

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Eight different models of the Mesa Boogie Lone Star but no looper on release.

Must be the only modelling pedal without a looper.

Yep, a looper is sadly missing right now, but if I am not mistaken they want to add it as promised in their first device list. I do hope this looper will at least handle two loops like switching between an A and a B part.

Please digitize the RANGIII :slight_smile:

Old thread but you totally can keep the looper going on the Hx stomp whilst you change preset. Maybe it was added as update? (Both presets need a looper block btw)

I’m all in for a Looper with Tap Tempo and midi sync.
I just thought I would share this because I think it is a really good workaround while waiting for integrated Looper :

Disclaimer , it needs iOS device and 7$ app (on sale) but if you do own an iOS device I guess it makes the wait a lot easier. Plus I got to discover a great app. For 7$ I think it’s one hell of a good looper from my point of view.

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Ah, didn’t know this. Well, one more reason for the QC to be able to do the same :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile, have there been any updates on the looper’s development?

Has there been any updates on the looper. This has been near the top of my wishlist for awhile. I’m really interested in ETA, but haven’t heard much (if anything) in months. I’m sure they have big plans for functionality, but I’d be happy if they could roll out basics like a Ditto sooner rather than later.

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No, I think you might see something before the end of the year but would be surprised. While updates are somewhat frequent, adding more content is slow so far as the are mostly patching bugs etc.