LOOPER with Upgraded Functions & possible 2 or 3 Loops

Would love to see a 2 or 3 channel stereo looper with similar functionality to the TC ditto X4 enabling the ability to construct A/B/C song structure arrangements or A/B/C working together or separate… Assignable Looper Record, Play/Stop, Undo/Redo, & an ERASE feature via midi & as a Stomp in Hybrid mode.

Would Like the ability to Vocally build a loop with Beat boxing drum sounds & record Guitar & Bass over the top live…have 2 or 3 different loops allows for Verse, Chorus Bridge…or Having Loop 1 with Drums going and Loop 2 for the guitar/music side…Ability to run parallel or in series.

It would also need a STOP all Loops function as well that can be assignable.

If a some loops can be store that would be a MAJOR BONUS but having this type of Looper eliminates the need for other loopers for us musicians using the QC as a do all machine.

LOVE the QC & I’m 100% ALL IN ON IT! I have 2 of them!

An existing request for a multiple-loops feature:

And an existing request for saving loops within memory:


Please VOTE for this feature.

They 100% check Votes & Upgrade based on what we all want and/or need.

Having a dedicated ERASE feature at this point would help with Live Looper.

Nothing worse that accidentally hitting play to have a previous song Blare out! LOL


There’s some basic functionality to the looper that I would like to see if it has not been implemented already. First time I used the looper I could not get it to quantize my in/out points to external MIDI clock input. Nor could I create a loop and derive a BPM and generate a MIDI clock tempo output over MIDI from the loop points. The only pedal device that I have used that really does this seamlessly is the Boss RC-500 Looper . I’m not sure how much I care about saving the loop.A simple Boss looper should do that? Roland n Boss have compression schemes for there audio and alot of fancy storage tricks up their sleeves. It might be best to have a dedicated looper. Even then, Very few companies can get loopers to do all the things looper people want the way they want it. The QC has a pretty cool looper though…


Absolutely. :slight_smile: The Looper is allready good. But making it 2 or 3 Tracks would not only be wonderfull, it would make the the Quad Cortex the only machine in the world how has this! No other multieffects unit has a more than a one track Looper. Inkluding the Mic Preamps this would make the QC a dream Maschine for Singer Songwriters and Solo Acts of any Kind.

@Neural DSP please consider taking a Look at something like the Boomerang Looper. This one can not store any loops BUT is still maybe the best Looper on the market for real live Looping. Building loops fast in front of an audience and performing them. :slight_smile:


I Agree…I use the Looper every Acoustic Show right now & it’s solid.

I wish I could Beat Box a drum sound…then laid down a bass line & AG riff…then be able to mute or drop out the Bass & AG while the beat is still going.

It has the potential to be an Amazing looper & I use the QC as a Do All rig.
I haven’t found anything thing by any brand that can do it all!

Neural has the Opportunity to Corner the Market or at least change the game with this. IMHO


Hello mac

Lobe to have a acustic live looper compagnion beyond zheese haedbangers​:rofl::rofl::rofl:i

I come from the boss RC300, RC500, RC600.

To be honest I was very dissppointed by the QC looper:

Only zwo tracks
No all clear
Only 4 min
No storing possibility

It could have been so easy if the Gui-designers hat just sticked to the basics:

Track one is button A and E
Track two is B and F
Track three is C and G

With A, B, C is stop an Hold=clear
And E, F, G is record, oberdub, play

D= undo, redoo
H= all stop hold=all clear

Van we get this?

I was so frustrated by the QC-Looper, I wanted to gibe it away for the RC600.

But Boss sounds are too far away from the NDSP quality. So for now still heavy worarrounds.

What If NDSP would take money for this option?

150€ would not be too much.


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Would be nice to see something like “Jam Mode”, which is not bound to the preset like Looper X, but works with different presets.
Also, ability to save loops + drum machine + multiple parts will make it “the only one in the world modeler” with such a feature.
I think it will attract a lot of bedroom players like me.

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Would Definitely love to see the looper not bound to any preset for sure & storable loops.

Having a drum machine in it is asking a lot though…they may need to be a major overhaul.

I play over 300 live shows a year so having a Great Looper for Acoustic Shows is Needed so I can play lead over the top.

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I’ve used all of the Boss stuff and the loopers are Great.

None of their sounds are anywhere near QC Quality.

Neural can definitely take away some great Looper Qualities from Boss though.


Hello all

After a long discussion with me and myself I finally decidef to part from the QC.


The Looperfeatures of the Boss RC 600 serve my needs better.

But still I miss the perfect sounds, the user interface and the all in one form factor.

If the Looper had a more user friendly design for Life looping use, as I described earlier, the QC still was mine.

Thanks to your support and all the best for you.


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Please see the links above for previous feature request for among other things the ability to save loops (as with the Headrush units) and the ability to recall those saved loops on the fly using footswitches, and the ability to link a loop to a preset


I think drum machine is not that complicated feature (all cheap chinese loopers have them). Midi player with few sets of samples for different drum kits and sync with looper. However, that would be superior to have ability to use my own midi files for drums, just dreams…

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It was not about loop saving an what ever.

I need at least three regular tracks to loop and more than 4 min time, no Drum machine revers or halftime …

If WC had this, I would habe been fine


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I understand that 100%! I just made the choice of better overall sound for all my guitars over looping. Or even having another looper on my pedalboard which makes for a huge board!

New here to the forum and just wanted to give my 2 cents. Owned the QC for a few weeks now and am really liking it. Was hoping to ditch my rc-300 and have the QC do everything. It’s not there yet.
As someone above mentioned, neural dsp has a chance to corner this market. Absolutely would sell more units.

For now, my rc-300 blows the QC looper away (it’s also almost 12 years old). Have it routed to a mixer that has a ton of inputs- bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synth plus drum samples downloaded to the rc-300 plus 3 tracks i can call off and on at any point. Downside is you loose a little sound quality (16bit)… but hardly perceptible once you get going.

For now, I’m not using the QC looper. But the rest of the unit is fire and I have only scratched the surface. Love the cloud presets.

Awesome piece, but looper is fairly limited.


Please vote for the Looper upgrade at the top…My Understanding is that Neural goes by how many votes for a future upgrades on this forum. Which we all have a certain amount of votes we are all allowed.

I personally would Love to have my QC do it all!
I have 2 QC’s…


Hey guys

Thats it. In some earlier discussion I explained, what makes the Looper un usable for live looping. But the answers were clear: looper x is the best looper in the world!

Hope that NDSP gets it now: No, it is not. It is mot even as good as some cheap „Loopies“ on the marked.

If they had just coppied an RC50 or better the RC300 I would have kept it. But at least having no all clear button, and no real two track looping makes it nonsens for me to use the Looper in the QC.

As I only userd the QC as 4-Track-Mixer with Vocals and AC-Guitar. And as I really go for 3 and 4 track live looping I decided to give the QC away for the best Looper you can get: RC600 and the A&H CQ20B, because FX in the RC600 are scrap, and mixing workflow in a Mixer is 100% easier than in both units.

Bit still I miss the top level Sound you QC owners have…


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I’ve never seen one person say Looper X is the Best Looper in the world…
Not sure where you read that but it’s simply not True.

I’m sure the Neural team will take these upgrades in to consideration in the future & implement them for a better LOOPER.

So far, Neural has moved forward with their plans & are putting out Great updates.

QC is a beast and is only going to get better.
With the plugins and (hopefully) looper upgrades, this piece of gear is ever evolving for the better.

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