LOOPER with Upgraded Functions & possible 2 or 3 Loops

Would love to see a 2 or 3 channel stereo looper with similar functionality to the TC ditto X4 enabling the ability to construct A/B/C song structure arrangements or A/B/C working together or separate… Assignable Looper Record, Play/Stop, Undo/Redo, & an ERASE feature via midi & as a Stomp in Hybrid mode.

Would Like the ability to Vocally build a loop with Beat boxing drum sounds & record Guitar & Bass over the top live…have 2 or 3 different loops allows for Verse, Chorus Bridge…or Having Loop 1 with Drums going and Loop 2 for the guitar/music side…Ability to run parallel or in series.

It would also need a STOP all Loops function as well that can be assignable.

If a some loops can be store that would be a MAJOR BONUS but having this type of Looper eliminates the need for other loopers for us musicians using the QC as a do all machine.

LOVE the QC & I’m 100% ALL IN ON IT! I have 2 of them!

An existing request for a multiple-loops feature:

And an existing request for saving loops within memory:


Please VOTE for this feature.

They 100% check Votes & Upgrade based on what we all want and/or need.

Having a dedicated ERASE feature at this point would help with Live Looper.

Nothing worse that accidentally hitting play to have a previous song Blare out! LOL


There’s some basic functionality to the looper that I would like to see if it has not been implemented already. First time I used the looper I could not get it to quantize my in/out points to external MIDI clock input. Nor could I create a loop and derive a BPM and generate a MIDI clock tempo output over MIDI from the loop points. The only pedal device that I have used that really does this seamlessly is the Boss RC-500 Looper . I’m not sure how much I care about saving the loop.A simple Boss looper should do that? Roland n Boss have compression schemes for there audio and alot of fancy storage tricks up their sleeves. It might be best to have a dedicated looper. Even then, Very few companies can get loopers to do all the things looper people want the way they want it. The QC has a pretty cool looper though…


Absolutely. :slight_smile: The Looper is allready good. But making it 2 or 3 Tracks would not only be wonderfull, it would make the the Quad Cortex the only machine in the world how has this! No other multieffects unit has a more than a one track Looper. Inkluding the Mic Preamps this would make the QC a dream Maschine for Singer Songwriters and Solo Acts of any Kind.

@Neural DSP please consider taking a Look at something like the Boomerang Looper. This one can not store any loops BUT is still maybe the best Looper on the market for real live Looping. Building loops fast in front of an audience and performing them. :slight_smile:

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I Agree…I use the Looper every Acoustic Show right now & it’s solid.

I wish I could Beat Box a drum sound…then laid down a bass line & AG riff…then be able to mute or drop out the Bass & AG while the beat is still going.

It has the potential to be an Amazing looper & I use the QC as a Do All rig.
I haven’t found anything thing by any brand that can do it all!

Neural has the Opportunity to Corner the Market or at least change the game with this. IMHO

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