Replacement Power Adapter

For I use my gear at different places I buy additional power adapters if available so I don’t have to carry the power adapter with me.
Here I found one for under 10€:
„Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-Adapter 12“
It has the same electrical values, the jack is angeled and is fitting in the Quad Cortex and the connecting cable is more solid.

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I do the same and the was cheap
(I been looking at things for nearly 100€).

I’m powering mine with a Mission Engineering 529M and a USB wall plug. Works great and I have the original power supply if anything heads south.

It would be nice to have a model spec recommendation from Neural that is fully compatible for this of us who want to take matters into our own hands now. (usa spec/source needed here). I’m not a power supply expert and wouldn’t want to mess the unit up or waste time trying to figure out what will work properly.

as you can see on the original Neural adapter it has the following specs:
Input electric plug varies form EU, England, US, … in form and Volt, A, and Zz.
It has to fit to the local powergrid.
Output: DC (direct current with polarity +/-), 12 Volt, 3 A (= 3.000 mA) and
very important the right polarity: + outside ring, - inside.
Normal Adapters for computer gear etc. have outside ring - and + inside and cannot be used.

It has also been stated that average consumption is 18 watts which is around 1.5 amps. The mission engineering 529m is rated up to 3.0 amps which is the stated spec from Neural.

For I want to be sure to have no failure coming from the adapter I would use a 3 A one, even if a 2 A one would work also.
To have electronic failure on a gig can make one feel very helpless …