Replacement Power Adapter

For I use my gear at different places I buy additional power adapters if available so I don’t have to carry the power adapter with me.
Here I found one for under 10€:
„Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-Adapter 12“
It has the same electrical values, the jack is angeled and is fitting in the Quad Cortex and the connecting cable is more solid.

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I do the same and the was cheap
(I been looking at things for nearly 100€).

I’m powering mine with a Mission Engineering 529M and a USB wall plug. Works great and I have the original power supply if anything heads south.

It would be nice to have a model spec recommendation from Neural that is fully compatible for this of us who want to take matters into our own hands now. (usa spec/source needed here). I’m not a power supply expert and wouldn’t want to mess the unit up or waste time trying to figure out what will work properly.

as you can see on the original Neural adapter it has the following specs:
Input electric plug varies form EU, England, US, … in form and Volt, A, and Zz.
It has to fit to the local powergrid.
Output: DC (direct current with polarity +/-), 12 Volt, 3 A (= 3.000 mA) and
very important the right polarity: + outside ring, - inside.
Normal Adapters for computer gear etc. have outside ring - and + inside and cannot be used.

It has also been stated that average consumption is 18 watts which is around 1.5 amps. The mission engineering 529m is rated up to 3.0 amps which is the stated spec from Neural.

For I want to be sure to have no failure coming from the adapter I would use a 3 A one, even if a 2 A one would work also.
To have electronic failure on a gig can make one feel very helpless …

Is the 529M more quieter than the original?

I didn‘t notice noise from the Power supply for I always play with headphones. I use both with the same contentment,

Thank you for sharing this solution. I’m really interested in this option but an nervous about using anything unauthorized. Have you used this consistently say 10+ times and had no problems? Also what is the identifying name connector which would go between the quad cortex and the usb wall plug?

Yes I’ve turned the unit on at least twice a day since I received it and once a week at rehearsal. Tonight I’m doing a show at a county fair. I feel completely confident in this meathod

Swapped messages with Neural about this…I don’t trust a wall wart to last, so I want a back up. They said they are sourcing additional power supplies from their supplier and think they’ll be able to start sending them to retailers in August.

In the meantime, I have installed mine in a rack with other gear and run a 10 ft heavy duty extension to the QC. Just did my third gig with that set up and it has been working well (knock wood). Because of this, however, I have to use the rack to power the QC at home, which is a pain in the ass. Really need a backup.

Thinking about getting this power supply to go in the rack and then I’d have the stock one as a backup/home use.

What usb wall plug are you using with the mission 529m. I believe it needs to have pd capability? and what power rating is it. The one listed on the mission website don’t seem to be available anymore. S

Here is another option maybe Cioks DC4

I have had the DC7 for a while. I’ve used it to power an HX stomp, mastermind LT, Relay G50, and numerous other pedals along the way for well over a year now. Very solid supply! I fully trust it to power my QC.

I recently got the DC4 as a companion to the DC7 so I could power the QC along with the rest. I haven’t hooked it up to the QC yet, but I know it will work just like the DC7. It will be just enough to run it as long as you don’t require phantom power for microphones.

The interesting thing about the DC4 is you can plug it up with any wall wart you already have (9V to 24V DC, 9V to 12V AC non polarized) as long as the barrel connector will physically fit, and it can supply at least 2a. It also has a USBc port that can be used with a power bank or tablet power supply.

Still a pain to have to use the combiner pigtails, but almost half the price of the DC7, and more versatile.

Thank you all for contributing. Has anyone tried a switching power supply like for electronic projects etc.? Finding a connector I’m sure wouldn’t be too difficult, just wire it all up and triple check polarity. I have 2 pedals on my board, the QC and the Boss VE-500 Vocal Harmonizer. They are both powered by 12v. I was thinking of purchasing a 12v 5A power supply. Amazon has a meanwell (used several in the past they are very reliable) here in the US for $36 and the dimensions would easily fit under the deck of my pedal board. In addition I can power led lights inside my pedal board as well. Just a thought - anyone see a problem with this initial plan? It just seems to me, there are easier ways to get clean power and not have a pedal board loaded with wall-warts or crazy expensive power supply systems.


I’m considering the same (and have been looking at a Meanwell too), except I will have the power supply in a rack and just run a cable to the QC. What model is this one?

After this post I went with…

It seemed like the proper thing to do for my time spent and the production is in Ohio. Super responsive to my questions. Out the door $160 + a few power cables for my other pedals. However, the switching power supply route is still on my list of alternatives for the future.

I was looking at these items - also it was easy to fine a 12v to 9v step down converter with a simple Amazon search.

Let me know what ends up working best for you.

I’m super paranoid about polarity, so I will be checking and checking everything before i plug it in and power it up etc.

Good luck!!!

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Oh hell yeah! That’s hilarious! Almost makes me want to convert to my big pedal board so I can get one of those and show it!

What usb power supply are you using for the 529m?