EU Power Adaptor replacement

Hello There,
i’ve read several threads about this already but haven’t found a solution yet.

Is there any alternative Adaptor i can get within the EU (germany)?

I found this adaptor, but unfortunately it is out of stock:

I found some adaptors on amazon, but i’m not sure about the build quality and if they’re grounded correctly.
Do you guys have any recommendation?
I don’t need anything more than an adaptor (like the Cioks) since i do only need something to power the Quad Cortex.

Will Digi-Key ship to Germany? If so, try the Globtech PS which came highly recommended and works great for over a year now:


this one works fine and is cheap

from “the German” as we say in Sweden (in Swedish though - tysken)


Can confirm, works nearly 2 years without any problems with my QC :+1:


I just received my digikey to Sweden and it only took a couple of days from me ordering it.
Seems to be working as intended so far, and I know that several users use this one and I haven’t read any bad reviews about it so far


This looks good, thank you for the recommendation! I might order it right now, did you get the cord which goes into the QC also from digikey and would you mind telling me which one? (i dont know if there are actually better/worse choices for the cord)

See my thread here - it’s really not that difficult to get a replacement power supply, there are lots of options…

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