Back up QC power supply with UK plug

Hi, Has anyone a recommendation of a back up power supply for the Quad Cortex that will fit a UK power socket. I looked at the Harley Benton Powerplant power supply and see they also have a Euro to UK adapter but for me that combination is too ungainly for live use.

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I ordered on of these for the pedalboard
from elfa distrelec
One needs to order suitable ac & dc plugs too.

I’m powering my QC with a Mission 529M. Seems to work great.

Nice, what charger / battery pack are You using with it ?

I just bought a USB -C wall plug off of Amazon. I was going to provide a link but apparently the one I purchased in no longer available. You need a minimum of 36 watts so just purchase any usb-c wall plug 40 watts or bigger and your good to go, well making sure you have the two cables you’ll need.

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Do you run your unit with a USB portable charger as well with the Mission 529? I’m wondering because I had a power surge at rehearsal and the machine needed to reboot as the band played on. I’m looking to find a way to prevent it needing to reboot during a show and if I can go battery powered, that would do it.

Sorry, that was for @Guitarman

I do not. I use a usb wall plug. In my opinion you should always use a power conditioner with spike protection at any facility where you don’t know how robust the electrical system is. Its cheap insurance for such an expensive item…However I have seen people using a usb power pack with the mission engineering 529M. Not a solution I wanted because I didn’t want the hassle of constantly recharging it. Google it and I think it will come up, possibly some you tube videos. Good luck.

Thanks @Guitarman . I agree with the power conditioner and I typically do use one but was too lazy to reach behind the rack at practice to plug in (and never having any issues in 3 years there with power). I’m exploring the options with the mindset:

  • if I can get away with not putting the QC on a pedal board, I have less to carry.
  • I’m not comfortable with the supplied plug. I’m not sure how it’s going to stand up and would like to have a backup.
  • if I go with the battery & Mission 529 option, I’m adding more stuff, but it prevents the potential of surges and reboot time.
  • or probably the best option, reach behind the rack to plug it into the power conditioner :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the input!

I decided to go with a very small pedal board with output plugs on the side. That way I wasn’t constantly placing plugs in and out of the Quad and I could add my wireless


What pedalboard is that? Could you make a list of the gear you used? Cheers!

Main Parts on the board are
Quad Cortex
Dunlap mini pedal (expression pedal)
Sennheiser XWSPedal board guitar wireless

Following parts I bought from Amazon

1pc. Neewer 20x11 pedalboard $57.49
1pc. USB-C charger. 65w $35.00
2pc. Lyxpro 1.5 feet xlr cable. $9.99 ea.
1pc. Welluck 15amp power inlet with duel 18 inch extension cords. $18.30
1pc Mission engineering 529M power supply. $75.00

These parts came from Best tronics

2pc. MC3368b panel mount trs feed through coupler. $9.00 ea
2pc. Na3mdf panel mount XLR feed through coupler. $7.49 ea
1pc. PP-0012-04. 4 port side mount for couplers. $35.00

Below is pictures of the couplers and underside of the board. I still need som cleanup but she’s functional. You will also need a power supply cable and a usb cable.

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Thank you so much for the detailed list! This is gonna be useful, I’m going to build something similar in the upcoming days. Your solutions looks like the best so far :wink:

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how’s the line regulation & noise with USB & Mission 529M ?
The mascot did not do well if the only connections were the guitar & headphones,
i.e. QC was not grounded. excessive noise from the power supply

and what very nice board :slight_smile: I should try to emulate that

I haven’t noticed any excess noise. Just the usual high gain noise if there is no gate used. When just listening to the quad it is dead quiet.

thanks, that’s good to know. I though that the mascot would be
a good choice but apparently not , when QC is not grounded via any ground connection.
So, I guess I’ll go with the same route as You have then :slight_smile:

I noticed that when the QC is plugged in the power outlet but turned off it sends a lot of noise over the XLR output. I guess it’s probably a grounding issue. I ordered the 529M and I’m just waiting for it to arrive and check if the situation gets better with it in the middle.

Let us know what you find out. Thanks

by the way, I can hear the noise with the provided wall wart too, if if QC is not grounded by XLR
or USB . I’ve contacted support , emailing back and forth now.