I need a Power Adapter European Standard

Hey! Unfortunately my power adapter for the quad cortex is really noisy, so I need another power adapter with european standard (Austria). Do you guys know any adapters to buy? I’m in need of a second adapter for the cortex anyway :slight_smile: thank you! with kind regards, bernie

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Has the problem already been resolved? Have found 0 useful solutions in the other threads.

Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-Adapter – Musikhaus Thomann

this one works as a power supply for the qc. but it will not solve the ground noise issues.


Thank you for sharing the link! 2A are enough? always thought the cortex needs 3A at least.

Are there any suggested solutions for the ground noise issues? Didn’t found anything helpful either… :confused:

The maximum power consumption I have measured with the QC is 1.5A. So yes, 2 A should be enough. Because having too much A is never wrong, most manufactures simply say the consumption is higher then it really is.

About the ground issue, here is what they wrote me. Hope that helps. I can’t tell you if it works, because I didn’t have any ground issues for the past month anyway.
“It is possible to provide a ground/earth connection to the Quad Cortex by connecting another piece of equipment to remove/reduce this noise. This can easily be done by using any of the inputs or outputs found on the rear of the QC and said external equipment does not need to be powered for it to provide the reference needed to eliminate interference”

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Hey thank you so much for those informations!
So I’ll give the 2A power adapter definitely a shot - for home use at least :slight_smile:

The funny thing is, the worst noise issues I had was on a big stage with 2 xlrs connected to foh and 2 line outputs to my frfr-box :smiley: in my home rig I always have connected usb to my pc. but I’ll check the other outputs for ground/earth connection at home. thank you very much!!

Neural is working on this issue. They are trying new AC adapaters and they’re going the send them for free to Quad Cortex owners…

Seba Pinilla sent a mail about this yesterday… :wink:


Ohh, thanks for the info!! that sounds great :slight_smile:

Will they send to every QC owner?
Or only to the people who have reported this issue?

I don’t know really… I reported that issue the first week I had my QC. Also, I received that mail yesterday…

That would be great if they do that.