Replacement wall wart

Hey All,
I was wondering if anyone has found an equivalent replacement wall wart adaptor for the QC?
I simply want to put a backup in my bag in case the one that came with it dies.

Right now I have no intention of changing the type of power supply. Everything works great for me like it is.

Has anyone found one? I would love a link if you did, thank you!

I like the GlobTek PS from Digi-Key: 1939-1233-ND

Was less than $25 shipped and comes with assorted tips etc., use the larger yellow tip and insert half way then verify with multimeter for polarity. Note, I didn’t have any ground related noises so not sure if it resolves that but it is grounded and very robust. You will need a standard PC power cable etc.

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Thanks for the reply, I noticed that there are laptop style adaptors out there (like this one). It doesn’t say anything about the reverse center though. I guess if the specs match it shouldn’t matter if its a wall wart or a laptop style.
I asked Support (who answered so quickly) but they said, just buy your own with the same specs. I am surprised there is not a list of approved power supplies. I even see the folks using other style bricks etc having difficulties. I do miss the IEC cable…

What do you guys this of this one? Wall Wart replacement for QC
Seems like it should work. I know enough about electronics to be dangerous, and I dont want to screw up my device just trying to power it. Hard time finding a negative center.
What do you guys think?
Thanks in advance!

Triad Magnetics WSU120-3000-R is another option, can get from digi key or Arrow electronics .


Awesome, and thank you for suggesting this.
Here is the LINK for it Triad Magnetics WSU120-3000-R