Reduce lag time between presets

For the most part all sounds can be accommodated within the 8 scenes of a single preset. But this isn’t always the case and if you need to change preset during a song the lag is just unbearably long. Surely there is a way for this to be fixed

When switching presets, every block has to be loaded. That’s why it “lags”. This already improved a while ago (not sure which update it was), but Neural said that it will always be there.
To my knowledge, there is no modeler that doesn’t have this “issue”. I guess it’s just the way it is.


Workflow is the best way to work around this issue. Generally, change presets between songs. The lag won’t matter in this case. Use snapshots to change a lot of things within a patch for a specific tone or section of a song. Use stomps to change things on the fly.


It’ll always be there, but its noticeably longer on the QC than the Helix. Sometimes the bridge just really needs to be quite different and it would be great if the drop out could get down into the sub 100ms range. I was able to play to the preset change with the Helix, but it just sounds like I’m making mistakes if I try to change presets mid-song on the QC.

You can’t find a 1/4 second gap in a song to change a preset? Listen for a pause in the guitar part and hit the switch. Not a big deal.

Due to the high processing power available, I can handle everything with scenes.

For most songs, I don’t have to change amp models, just amp settings.
And even for the songs which need more than one amp model, I just put all of them into the preset and build scenes that switch these amp models.
I can easily put three (or even more) amp models or captures in one preset and this is more than I need.

On the other hand, I believe that having the option to put so much into one preset could always mean more switching time between presets.

Not trying to argue though, a lower lag between presets is always good.
It’s just that in my personal workflow, the lag is no showstopper.