Preset bleed/Gapless Switching between Presets

My apologies if this has been answered, but I can’t find a solution.

When, for example in scene mode, you’re on the last bank for (lets say) ambience, to transition into another song - switching to a new preset (which has the required correct tempo dialed in), there is an audible cut/drop.

I can’t find a solution for this and I do understand it might even require a lot more of the unit. Is there anything anyone can suggest? I love it so far, but this is my only qualm with using it live.

Thanks for any help!

Scenes switch without a gap.

Switching presets is always going to have a gap.

I’ve thought about this problem and a possible solution for seamless preset switching might lay in Neural DSP allowing us to sacrifice a portion of DSP power. that can be dedicated to preset switching. Right now, you can use the scenes feature you effectively have presets within presets if you don’t want lag between preset changes.

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Would you give an example of how that might work? I don’t understand what you’re proposing.

Presumably, the lag between changes is due to needing to load things into memory and process them. Maybe a prefetch on the next and previous preset could work.

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Hi there, @jesselab :slight_smile:

When changing a Preset, there is an expected split second of audio dropout, as switching between Presets re-initializes the whole signal chain (all the virtual devices, their parameters across the stored Scenes, their routing) within the selected Preset.

Regarding seamless transitions from one sound to the next, you will be able to do that within the Stomp Mode and Scene Mode with the Footswitch operations.

Just for your reference:

Preset Mode: This mode basically works as a macro preset selector mode that you can select with the footswitches. 1 Bank stores 8 Presets .Within a Preset, we can have up to 8 Scenes.

Stomp Mode: In this mode, the footswitches work like stompboxes on a traditional pedalboard. You can engage and bypass the different components just like you would on a pedalboard. You load up a preset and engage/disengage things as you choose at a time.

Scene Mode: The footswitches in this mode would be for recalling different particular settings within one preset.

This means, say you had a preset where the signal chain is something like Overdrive>Amp>Cab>Delay>Reverb but you have different settings for the different styles/genres you can cover with those tones. Those different ‘Scenes’ of the tone can be assigned and saved to the different footswitches, so in one scene ( for example Scene A ) you could have the Overdrive bypassed, while in another ( let’s call it Scene B ) you could have it set up at a light crunch setting and another ( presumably Scene C ) where you have the distortion boosted!

You will have 8 Scenes per Preset that you can program ( Scenes A to H ). This will keep your preset intact and allow you to just have it automatically recall the individual settings if you don’t want to be engaging/disengaging individual components like in Stomp mode. This is also perfect for the seamless transition of the effects.

Hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:

As always, please feel free to reach out to us via email at if you’d like any assistance with that. :alien: :flying_saucer:

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