Latency and Preset vs Scene mode

I have always used my multi-effects units and controllers in Preset mode. From the reviews I’ve watched on the Quad Cortex, latency is listed as a possible problem area when changing presets but not so much using scene mode. For live use I only need around 6-8 patches but can’t live with a lengthy dead spot when changing say from a rythym to lead patch. So, I have a couple questions.

Whats the minimum latency when changing presets?

If using scene mode, can you have different amps and effects in different scenes, or can you only turn on and off modules and change parameters in different scenes?

On a lighter note. Kudos to Nueral for the constant updates on their website. Staying up to date on the progress was a nice and very professional touch. I would have purchased something else if not for the progress updates and I’m happy I didn’t. Looking forward to this purchase.

Changing between scenes is gapless because all of the devices are already loaded onto The Grid. You can control a block’s bypass state in a scene, so you can add multiple amps and have them on/off, and change their on/off state in a scene.

For example:
Scene A: Amp 1, effects 1, 2, and 3 enabled. Amp 2, effects 4, 5, 6 disabled.
Scene B: Amp 1, 2 enabled, and effects 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 enabled.

The amps and effects added to a Preset exist in all Scenes within that Preset, but you can change their state however you wish through the scene.

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Thanks Dan, appreciate the reply.