Preset Change Lag

Hi All,

Had my QC for 2 days now and have raced to set up a suite of presets ready for its first gig tonight. Had amazing results so far and really pleased with tones I am getting. Only issue is that the lag when changing presets is really noticeable (will probably be less noticeable when the rest of the band is playing). I know I could get around this with Scenes but we have very quick song and sound changes and Presets will just work better for me.

Is this something that has been discussed by Neural at all and something that is likely to be ironed out in further firmware updates?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Presets will always have a little lag because every block has to be loaded. When the QC was released the lag was much more noticeable than it is now, so I can imagine that it might improve over time. But it will always be there.
You can can load multiple amps, cabs, and/or effects into one preset and bypass/activate/change them when needed in scene mode. That should cover all of your needs I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I think I will start looking in to this a bit more. I have an expression pedal hooked up too which allows for even more options. Just need the time to be able to have a full on play around with it.