Recording what I’m hearing on headphones

I would very much appreciate it if anyone has an idea of how I can record my playing against a backing track playing on an iPad connected to QC via USB. I’m using headphones connected to the QC to listen to both the backing track and my guitar playing, so that’s what I want QC to output via USB so I can record it.

I’ve tried using GarageBand for iOS to play the backing track and do the recording, but the only output GB is receiving from the QC is my guitar playing, and it receives it at a different volume level, so playing the backing track and the recorded track together is useless in determining how balanced I am playing with the “band” with regards to volume.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated!

The easiest way would be to import the audio track you want to play along with into Garage Band, then record yourself playing along with it in another stereo track from QC.

Thank you, but that hasn’t worked for me. The problem is the new recorded track only includes the guitar playing and it is at different volume than what I played. I can play both tracks back and adjust the volume of one of them, but that defeats the purpose of trying to determine if I’m playing too loudly or too softly against the backing track.

If the backing track is added as a track in GarageBand you should be able to adjust the levels of both that track and the guitar track independently :slight_smile: