Recording with Logic HELP

Hey everyone! So I have my QC for a week now and I absolutely love the tones and everything about it! HOWEVER.

I am currently haveing an issue recording direct via USB with it to Logic Pro X on my MacBook Pro. The issue I am currently facing is that I am only receiving a DI signal once I record, which is not what I am looking for… I want to record my processed sound from the unit itself directly. I’ve followed the manual and looked everywhere on the internet and it seems like I’m not finding a solution ANYWHERE. I really wanted to start recording some tracks ASAP, but I can’t seem to figure the routing correctly or if I need to change something in my DAW.

Everything is set as the QC input and output device.
I have my channel strips on the DAW to record a mono track so I can pan left and right(unless I’m doing this wrong tell me) for my rhythm guitars.
When I record it using headphones through the QC, so I can hear my tone, my DAW’s metronome, etc through my QC-then headphones.
My result is either a DI track, or if I configure the QC in accordance to the manual, my computer will pick up the sound but nothing comes through my headphones except the metronome on my DAW.

Some please help me out! I would greatly appreciate it.

QC always outputs a clean DI-signal from USB out 1-2 and processed signal from out 3-4 ( in Multi-out mode if on v 1.03)

As for the headphones, swipe down to open the output page, click on the headphone output and adjust the mixer knobs to your liking.

You have to setup logic audio input 3,4. Because of QC output is basically USB 3,4.