Recording with QC into GarageBand - can't record processed signal

Hi there! QC newbie here :slightly_smiling_face:

So, I’m trying to record my acoustic guitar into GarageBand with my new QC via USB, but I’m scratching my head as to how to capture my ‘wet’ processed signal. I’m only hearing the dry, DI sound.

I have a dual source active pickup - mic + piezo, and I’m using input 1 and 2 for each source respectively.

Any tips? It’s starting to drive me a little crazy!

input 1 and 2 are dry, input 3 and 4 are the patched processed. put two tracks into GarageBand, one set to input 1, the other to input 3. record both at same time. one should be dry, 3 should be processed sounds from the preset and the out… make sure that you have multi out set on the last path in the preset.

on output in the preset, set to multiple outs, 1/2 + 3+4 + USB 3/4

p.s this is how I am using it in Reaper, GarageBand and Logic Pro to capture my electrics via the QC, I use the dry and the patched when I record so I can add plugins to the dry if I wanted a different sound to the patch recorded track. I think it should be the same for your acoustic pickup but haven’t tried it to know for sure.

Thank you! Amazing, I actually chanced upon these settings just after posting, and I’m happy to say that your suggestion is exactly what I ended up doing! Result!

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