How to playback a BT on QC to practice my guitar?

Hi there!
I need to practice my guitar using Backing Tracks and just the Quad Cortex, without using an audio interface or a computer. Can anyone tell how to do this? Thank you very much.

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I think actually the only way to do it is with a mobile phone or mp3 player (or something similar) with a minijack - doble jack cable to the imputs of the qc.
I think there are an official request for an interface for bt!!

Good luck!

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You can also get a bluetooth receiver and plug it into either input 2 or 3 on a separate path, and have this running

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iPhone or iPad connect to the usb port works like a charm. I have seen others writing about problems with android devices but hav not tried that myself.

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Yes. I use an iPad Pro which has USB C and can plug into the USB on QC to record, play backing tracks. For regular iPhone or iPad you need a lightning camera adapter cable

I use this in input 2 and map it to output

Simply use a powered PA speaker with built-in Bluetooth for both playing back music and for listening to the QC at the same time. I do this with a Mackie SRM210 in its “flat mode”. Works perfectly.

What I do is get my phone to play backing tracks via my air pods and have my over ears into my QC.

So I’m wearing 2 sets of headphones. Works well but I’m not sure if it applies to your situation.