Record through QC USB -> DAW Ableton 11 -> monitor to KRK connected on focusrite 2i4

Hi guys :slight_smile: First post here! I need your advice/help on my setup for recording my guitar through the QC.

Recently bought the quadcortex and am thrilled with it !! I figured that recording via USB is the best option to avoid hum (+ de quality is I believe better).

Setup-wise, I have a focusrite 2i4 connected to my KRK Rokit5 via balanced jack to XLRs. This works well and is my default/main output/monitoring device.
I’m running on a Win11 PC + Ableton standard 11.

My problem now, is that I can’t find a way to leave the KRK connected to my focusrite (for monitoring) while recording via USB on the quadcortex.

And this doesn’t work for multiple reasons (correct me if i’m wrong) :

  1. Windows doesn’t let you have one audio interface as input and other as output at the same time (except if you’re using asio4all for example, but then my focusrite/ableton crashes)
  2. Ableton doesn’t let youn play multiple audio interfaces. You get to chose just one.

For solutions/trial :

  • I saw about asio4 all and tried set it up but it failed.
  • I tried using the second input in my KRK (now connected via XLR, but TRS was free for the QC). Tried it with a simple TS from the QC to the KRK, but in that scenario, it only plays the QC when both are connected and not the FocusRite, (even though the quadcortex isn’t connected on the other side of the jack)

I was think of getting a jack to xlr hub and connect both my systems to my KRK so I don’t have to re-cable each time. But then i’m wondering about latency, where to find this, budget etc…

So that’s why i’m writing, I’m wondering if you guys have a suggestion ? How would you connect this whole system ?

Thanks ahead for your help guys !!

Have you tried using the QC as your USB audio interface with QC outputs going to your KRKs?

Hey there! Thanks for your response:)

Yes I did of course, and it works also. But then its really not convinient each time I want to work with the QC to unplug the cables and replug each time. I want an alternative to that, do you have an idea ?

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You are limited by Windows unfortunately,. with the QC as your main interface you can take advantage of all the possible USB audio routing as well etc. But it’s a pain to have to unplug everything when needed.

many of us use external mixers or Monitor controllers to avoid having to reconfigure interfaces/monitor setups

I have a similar situation (SSL2 to Rokit 6’s) and works well in isolation. I use my QC in place of the SSL2 when I need to (and it surprised me how easy this was) but like you, I haven’t found a solution either - I guess a separate studio QC would be too extravagant for me!

Thank you for your answers guys!
Do you think that I can use something like a “Mackie** Big Knob Passive” and connect my two audio sound card (the QC, and the Focusrite) AND the KRK to it ?

And basically, when I want to rec with the QC, I just click on “Source Select” to switch frmo the Focusrite to the QC.

Do you think this could work ? And/or add latency when recording ?

Thanks ahead guys !!

This is exactly what I do. My focusrite and QC are connected to the Big Knob’s inputs, and my monitors are connected to the outputs. then i js switch between whichever interface is being used at the time.

Ohhh great, thank you for your confirmation @AncienMariner !!
I’ll buy that Mackie and make it work like this.

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