Quad Cortex - Focus rite - Macbook

Hello all,

After waiting about 6 months, I have finally received this amazing piece of gear (that I have to learn now of course).
However, I have a preliminary “issue”: I need to load my focusrite(2i2) to my DAW (Reaper) to hear from the QC through my monitor. Is it “normal”?

My set-up (with 1/4 jacks):

QC Out 3 => Focus In 1
QC out 4 => Focus In 2
Focus Out 1 => Monitor Left
Focus Out 2 => Monitor Right

I wanted to use the macbook as playback player but also for future recording (seems not being a problem for recording :smile: )

PS: I’m coming from the physical amp world using an Helix in 4C so maybe my question seems weird. Sorry for that if it’s the case.

Have a great day!


I’m not sure about your interface’s direct monitoring capability (if it has one) but sounds like the Focusrite is your main interface in your setup so it’s normal that you would have to select it on your DAW in order to hear the signal. You can check the interface’s documentation if it has direct monitoring so you can always hear what’s being plugged in, regardless of whether a DAW is open or not. I have an Apogee symphony and have to set it up to do so so the inputs are always being fed through the outputs for monitoring. You can always hook up the QC via USB too as an audio interface and ignore the Focusrite, you’d just have to send the outputs of the QC to your monitors. I have a small desktop mixer so I have both my Apogee and QC outputs routed to the mixer and the mixer’s outs go to my monitors.

@frankvhalen Thanks a lot!!! I just clicked the small button “direct monitoring” on the focusrite and the miracle happened… seems I have tons of sh… to learn :smiley:

and lesson, on the way, reaper is pretty coloring the sound even with a “dry” track.

Thanks again!

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You will be limited with the QC routing capabilities if using another audio interface. I would try setting up the QC as your main interface and keep your alternate interface for capturing plug-ins from your PC etc.

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Hi. Thanks for the advice.
I’ve tried this morning and I have the quad cortex tilting in the sound parameters of my MacBook. Any tips for that? Is it the USB cable?

Thanks again.


I’m not sure of what you mean ‘tilting’ unfortunately. Can you please clarify?

It was the cable. I’ve changed it and no “in and out” problem but I’m still not fully there :slight_smile:

I have my guitar sound perfectly working direct to my monitor and also I can record it to my DAW. That part was as easy as possible.
My issue now is that my computer sound didn’t go through my monitors. Do I need to do anything specific for that? I tried to use the “last line” and maps all the USB in but nothing working… any tips there? (the Macbook recognised the QuadCortex as Input and Output sound device).

Thanks a lot for the help so far and in the future :slight_smile:

Found the “solution” by myself: I needed to use Output 1 (and so XLR cable) in place of Ouput 3 (jack).
Is there any configuration tip for changing that or I need to go with XLR?


Glad you solved it! Depends on what you require for cabling. Balanced or unbalanced etc. Whichever output you use should coincide with configured signal chain output.

Sorry, I was not clear: is possible to send out the sound from the USB input through out 3/4?

replying to myself in case it would be useful for anyone: Hardware & DAW Monitoring

On mac, you have to change your midi settings to force out 3 and 4.

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