ReAmp QC Preset Auditioning

I have some dry signal in my DAW and I want to play this through the QC and trial out a bunch of QC factory presets. To hear the Preset I need to change input to USB on every Preset which means saving 20 presets as user presets with only change being input from “in 1” to “USB 5”. Is there a way to globally change the inputs to USB so I can quickly trial some presets with my dry recorded signal?
My Axe Fx II just had global input and I could change the factory preset and hear it live.



I would also like to know about this.

I am not aware of a way to globally change the input. You can change the Input on factory presets to ‘USB 5’ but it will be retained only until you switch presets. That would at least save you the preset copy and paste step.

How u doing man? Any news about this? Trying the same, but no clue how to solve this USB5 input by default on every preset. Thanks a lot!

Hi mate, no solution to the preset trialing for reamping. I thought more people would be after this. You record a part then in your DAW you can go through a bunch of presets to see what fits the song best. It’s hard to listen to the preset in a song live as too busy concentrating on playing the part.
On the axe Fx you just set the input to usb and then cycle through the presets live as the song is playing. Should be quite easy to implement but then again I’m no software engineer. Unless maybe there is a workaround people have found?

Is this what you mean? I’m not exactly sure how it works, I’m trying to figure it out too but it seems like it works in this video.

Hi, no this is one preset and then trying out different scenes within a preset. I want to try out totally different presets. Similar but I want to be able to scroll through different presets that have completely different amp and pedal setups.