Pro Tools Reamping with USB Interface


I’m struggling to reamp from Pro Tools back into the USB Input on the QC. I’ve got a clean DI track recorded, and set to Output USB 5. But when I go to the QC I’ve got no input signal coming in on USB 5.

I’ve watched a few YouTube videos now and it seems to be really easy, I must be missing something obvious!

Any ideas?

I don’t use protools, but in Logic my USB inputs are offset by other interfaces I have connected.
Have you tried ALL the USB inputs, not just 5 (just in case)

Can you get any audio from the QC back into PT? If so, what USB outputs are you using on the QC and in PT?

Makes sure QC is selected as audio interface in DAW. Then you need to send to USB input 5, not USB output 5.