DI recording / reamping

Could someone point me to instruction how I can record DI signal & reamp it later?
All I have seen so far is reamping via usb, unfortunately I’m on Linux so have to use regular route through sound card.

I haven’t watched it but they probably use USB in the video. You should be able to choose alternate I/Os.

Correct, video above explains how to reamp with USB.
I’m looking for alternative option.

You can tap a clean signal to an alternative analogue output an record that, while monitoring the amped sound. Then feed the clean track back to one of the QC inputs and set that as input for the the re-amp path, and record the re-amped outputs to 1 or 2 tracks. Be sure to keep track of the levels though!

yeah, I managed to record clear DI signal after sent that track from card output to QC and back to card. But only thing I hear is noise.
No idea to be honest.