Pan knob for full stereo field adjustment on ping pong delay

Volante user here and new QC owner. I would love to be able to independently pan both sides of the stereo tape delay in the QC anywhere across the stereo field, not just hard left and right. Maybe add 2 pan knobs on screen 2. Anything to approximate the panning functionality of the Volante would be great.

+1000 ! :+1:t4: :+1:t4:!

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I built a few Volante-esque presets for the cloud. Most involve multiple parallel and some series delays. They can be panned to taste on split lanes.

Would be cool though to have what takes multiple blocks and lanes condensed into a block or two.


Exactly. I’m currently using the full capability of the splits to do a W-D-W rig, so with the limitations on splits I am out of options for makeshift delay panning or building a cascading tape delay. I ended up putting my volante in the effects loop and I’m happy again :slight_smile: