Easier sorting of presets and set lists

At the moment, presets can only be sorted with swap and overwrite, which makes things a bit complicated and time-consuming. Overwrite and swap actually make little sense, because unused presets can be easily deleted and swap isn’t really practical.

It would be much more user-friendly and faster to move presets to another position using drag and drop, i.e. inserting between 2 presets. This is actually common practice with sortable lists and the only function it needs.

There are two ways of doing this:
Either you drag the preset to the bank number, then again to the right to the desired position or the better way would be to display the complete preset list scrollable on the right, regardless of banks. When scrolling, the display of the corresponding bank could be activated in the bank block. So you don’t have to remember which bank the corresponding presets are in.

I think that makes our workflow a lot easier and I wish it very much.

+1 with me here.

Sorting should work the same way as the blocks in the grid does:

Drag a preset in the same folder = MOVE it to a different location (Insert, no overwrite)
Drag a preset to another folder = COPY and insert it between two presets

With folder I mean “My Presets” or a Setlist.

I’ve loaded about 50% of my banks with captures and have tried to group by amp… e.g. all my boogies together etc. Very tedious to resort if I find another capture on the cloud I want to keep. Would love folders for captures and better yet the desktop app for easier management.

This would be so helpful especially when deleting presets/captures. As it is now, if I delete 3 captures within a certain bank, I now have to move captures around to get rid of the empty spaces before downloading more. It would be great if they all shuffled up to fill the empty spaces!

Oh yeah, please include such a function in the next update. :metal: