Quad Cortex Wish List

Sorry if this was already asked: Once you get the ground back under your feet again, please add the ability to save and load individual presets/captures/and IR’s to and from the QC via a USB stick.


There is no connector for an USB stick on the QC. That’s what the cloud is for.

Thanks, I didn’t look and should have. I understand from talking with Doug that once the “Editor” is released we can then do a local backup to our computer. This Editor won’t have to be tied to cloud access to do this local backup then, correct?

Icons. Sorry if this has been hammered on before or if this a non-issue now but, we need icons that do not “look” the same for the captured amp/pedals/etc so we can tell at a glance what is what without hovering over/clicking on. Thanks for the consideration.


Not sure if this will be possible from launch …
I want to use exp pedal to fade in clean tone with heavy reverb and about half way through the pedal travel have that hold the note (like you can on big sky etc) and a second path/channel with lead tone be able to play over the top of the reverb ‘pad’

I’ll be in hog heaven if they put a KORG SDD 3000-esque Delay Pedal in this beast…

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this for a granular Mobius looper module:

modified for QC hardware, live inputs, multiple simultaneous buffers.

the most powerful floor modeler on the planet is their hero statement… modeling guitar amps, cabinets, and FX.

I hope they will capture a good acoustic amp as well.

My wishes:

  • a raw copy mode for vocals ie
  • acoustic guitar modeler like zoom Pedals
  • Mission SP1 style switch support

regarding the QC editor.
please make it run on Linux, too.

Not sure if this has been recommended before, but would like to be able to open up effects/amp blocks with a long press of the foot switch when in “Stomp” mode.

It doesn’t make sense to me that tapping on the effect block is the only way to open it up. If you have the option to adjust parameters with footswitches or touch, I think you should be able to open these effects with the same options.

This should be moved to the suggestion area for votes. Maybe admin can move it.

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I would love to have a stereo delay block that would allow us to put any of the other models or captures in the feedback loop of the delay.

With that available, you could, for instance, have a wah’d delay or a phased delay or a delayed delay or a EQ’d delay or all-of-the-aboved delay.

Since it would only impact the feedback signal, the effect on the delay signal would be impacted more and more by the model in the feedback loop with each repeat.

That would make some pretty cool sounds. Blue Cat have a plug-in like this called Late Replies. It has a LOT of options (side chains, ducking, multiple loops, effects, third party plug in slots).

As a standalone effect it would be super cool, but in the meantime maybe the mixer/splitter across a set of lanes could achieve something similar? Will have to try it.

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Thanks, Ben. That’s looks like a great plugin.
I have been experimenting with parallel paths with delay and other effects in the secondary path with some success. It seems a great deal of extra magic happens when the effect is compounded by being fed back on itself.
Here’s to hoping for a new delay algo to support this.

it would be great to have a separate block for IR’s rather than using the inbuilt cabs.

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Here is my amp models wishlist;

  • Marshall AFD100
  • Marshall JCM800 modded (#34 and #36)
  • Marshall Super Lead 100 Jose modded

I just read through the latest device list as published on the NDSP web page. I was really disappointed to see a Fender Bassman and a Univibe are missing.

With Fractal Audio my go to amps/presets were a cranked Bassman and a Bassman “about to explode” - clean to lead on the volume of my guitar. The ultimate blues amp in my opinion.

How am I supposed to play decent Hendrix stuff without a Univibe ?

NDSP - please add a modeled Fender Bassman and a Univibe.

Cheers, T.

It would be great to be able to also use the footswitches to send expression control. The RJM Mastermind controller has this option and it is a great way to get more expression without adding several extra expression pedals.

For example the G and H buttons could toggle on and off sends to the DDL or feedback % on the DLL on the fly. Many, many things open up with this option.