Comprehensive Feature Request List

Features I’d like to see in Quad Cortex eventually. These should probably be posted separately, but I had them in a collected list.

** Indicates higher priority

  • **Footswitch control multiple blocks and parameter min/max values
  • **Ability to set input level and impedance on lane input block
  • **Multi-input selection on each path
  • **double tap to quickly bypass a block in any mode, needed for efficient patch editing
  • Meters for compressor gain reduction
  • Configurable MIDI receive for any global or patch parameter
  • More fuzz pedals
  • SPD/IF I/O (hardware feature)
  • Separate IR block with option for dual IRs up to to 2048 samples or 42 msec
  • Support wet/dry mix control on IR block (for acoustic IRs that need to blend with the piezo pickup)
  • **Local storage for presets, captures, IRs and Backups
  • More low to medium gain boutique amplifiers (Trainwreck, Two Rock, Dumble)
  • Global output EQ
  • EQ block has dB/frequency grid to show boost/cut in dB and frequency
  • Stereo compressors
  • Allow editing stomp button labels
  • Looper and optional looper mode (for multi-switch looper without loosing stomp/scene switches)
  • Computer editor app
  • Don’t automatically assign footswitches to blocks, this is almost never correct
  • Patch/Scene/Preset indicator always visible when editing parameters of a block. You always need to know what will happen when you press a button so you need to see the mode indicator when the block edit dialog is displayed
  • Have generic modes where any switch can be stomp or scene with up to 4 switch banks per preset (not just 2)
  • Global option to use preset up/down switches as extra stomp switches unless in preset mode - addresses the issue of unintended patch changes when pressing the D switch in a live setting while in stomp or scene mode.
  • Harmonic Tremolo is highly desired
  • Automatically detect mono input (left or right) and mix stereo out to mono
  • Polly effects need improvement to reduce artifacts, intermodulation
  • Intelligent Harmonizer effect is highly desired
  • **Option for speed sync to tempo on Tremolo and other modulation effects that have speed controls (so the speed can be changed with the tap tempo switch)
  • MIDI Thru should work with MIDI DIN and across USB MIDI, i.e., MIDI Thru for DIN should also be sent to USB MIDI out.
  • Speed up expression pedal tracking to reduce the tracking latency
  • Different icons or labels for captures to identify them
  • Ability to move capture block tone controls individually to be pre or post capture (gain is always pre, volume is always post)
  • Ability to change capture in a capture block from a scene
  • Independent LFO for top and bottom of Leslie block
  • Mix control on Leslie block so its possible to blend with the dry guitar speaker (using parallel paths to do this seemed to cause some low end cancellation issues)
  • In Gig mode, allow mapping of rotary encoders to block parameters
  • When downloading a preset, do it deep - i.e., also download referenced IRs and captures if available.
  • fix the grounding issue so powering off QC does not lift grounds into powered cabinets

That a good list. I agree the the ** items.

I’m feeling good overall all about the QC, but I feel like there are some growing pains ahead. They will get it right.

Good list - I agree to **ratings and would add for ** rating:
Global Output EQ
Improvement of Poly effects
Downloading presets with IR and captures
Different icon or labels for captures

Another thing I would add… some sort of all pass filter and very short simple delay, that can be used for phase alignment and correction. Especially when combining a Bass DI and Cab sound, those tools are super valuable. Little Labs IBP is a great example of this.

Question - why set impedance per lane? AFAIK it’s a HW function for physical inputs.

What do you mean by this? If it didn’t have local storage for presets, captures, and IRs it wouldn’t work.

You might need different impedance setting for different lanes if you have different instruments plugged into them, or the patch has a block like a fuzz that prefers to present a low impedance to the guitar in order to get the correct tone.

Impedance needs to be settable on the lane input block in order to match different instruments to different first blocks.

By local storage, I mean in the file system of your local computer, not the cloud. I don’t necessarily want to backup or store patches always in the cloud. The preferred approach would be through a PC editor, or by having the QC appear as a drive when connected with USB.

It’s a good point, but as the impedance setting is a HW feature of input 1 & 2 only (the return inputs have fixed impedance), I’d suggest to NDSP to make input box 1 & 2 “long-pressable”, with an impedance knob which value is saved with the preset and overrides the setting in the I/O page. However I can see such a feature could be confusing…

I would like to be able to use the same expression pedal alternately as a volume pedal and as a wah. Something like this: Volume → Switch → Wah → Switch → Volume and so forth. That is, I would like to be able to select via a footswitch (possibly also externally) whether the connected expression pedal is used either as a volume pedal or as a wah. That would be pretty darn cool!

Couldn’t you bypass a Wah via Switch Mode and assign the exp pedal to the output lanes volume amd switch that via switch mode?

Not exactly what you are asking for but maybe you can get your requested functionality like this

that would be attached storage. local storage is storage on the QC itself. You want to be able to download everything onto an attached storage device. FYI, backups in the cloud are way more durable than your PC.

The only way I see this making sense if if you have a PC editor and you can to be able to sit and tweaks presets on your PC. Otherwise, it is not very meaningful.

You can use an expression pedal for more than one thing as long as (typically) only one of the blocks is on at a time. For example, you could configure the same expression pedal to control a Wah and Rotary speed as long as you don’t usually have both blocks on at the same time. There of course could be cases where you do want to control two things together, perhaps a delay time and pitch shift for example.

What you can’t do is use the expression pedal for more than one thing independently if the pedal is also used with Heel/Toe to control block bypass. This is because when you move the pedal the block will turn on.

Coming from a Helix, I’d like to see latching or momentary footswitch options, and the ability to assign one switch to multiple effects.