Quad Cortex Wish List

I will start by a couple of make or break features from my end, but everyone; please keep adding:

  • A really good Plexi model.
  • Proper vintage delay models in which ping pong, pan and other stereo effects are selectable for any any delay type; tape, drum, digital or whatever.

A few of mine, in no particular order:

  1. Looper functionality accessible when auditioning amp, cab blocks etc.
  2. Ability to assign and have a combination stomp on/off, scene x/y, or preset x/y and / or up/down, assignable to any footswitch, at the same time. Stomp mode scene mode etc is cool but this mix and match functionality exists on other platforms and is in my opinion - absolutely necessary to get the most out of this unit.
  3. x/y amp channel, drive block etc switching capability within a single block for patch design efficiency
  4. global and / or output specific options: Such as, assign global eq block, assign eq block to specific outputs, global toggle on / off power amp / cab sim per output
  5. components from neural vst’s available as separate blocks for owners to mix and match, and use with cortex-only amps. Eg- zuul and hexdrive blocks in front of nolly amp with plini verb and delay and a cortex factory cab with mikko mic adjusting functionality should be possible for owners of those vst’s.

Lastly though I am an amateur musician- I’ve been uncanny at breaking software since windows 3x, and would gladly pay the remainder of my pre-order balance up-front, sign any / all NDA’s etc so I could punish this thing as a beta tester.


Big love to the Neural DSP team. :relieved:

For my percussion parts on my cello I love the Digitech Digiverb reverb types GATE and REVERSE. Is something like those both ones planned?


Let me add another one;

One thing I never find to work well in the digital realm is boost pedal. If you make the amp models respond to real boost and drive pedals super well, it will be a great asset.


A Supro amp for cleans.
A Traynor amp for crunch.
Hotrodded Marhall like the Cameron Atomica or the Ceriatone King Kong / Yeti.
A Fulldrive 2 pedal with all options available


A 1176 Compressor and an Acoustic Simulator to transform electric to acoustic guitar, something like Boss AC3 , but better :slight_smile:


i`d love to see some more modern bass amps like markbass, trickfish, glockenklang, eden, aguilar, eich and so on. not the same old vintage ampeg and gallien stuff everyone else does.


While I am very interested in what the Quad Cortex can do and how it will sound, I have one wish. As a Kemper user, I would be very interested if, like TH-U, Kemper profiles could be converted to the Cortex.

It’s worth noting, TH-U has that ability/feature, but sadly, they haven’t shared it with the community. If the Quad Cortex put this type of feature in the hands of its users, that would put the Quad Cortex in a prime position to grab interest from people like myself who have either invested in Kemper profiles or have made their own personal Kemper profiles.


For playing through headphones: a “space” effect like the one found on the kemper or something of the sort that would make headphone practicing and jamming more natural.

Also, I don’t know if it was mentioned or not, playback through the device so that we can play a jam track and solo over it. That would be killer.


I’d love to see Victory Amps!


But perhaps you can simply just capture the tone from those modelers.

Unfortunately, that poses two problems for me:

  1. There’s no way I can afford the Quad Cortex without first selling my Kemper with those sounds on it.
    And 2. I have a wealth of personal profiles that I made, but I no longer own the hardware I profiled. So, it’s incredibly difficult for me to recreate those exact sounds.

I should make it clear, the sounds are very specific creations, e,g, one is a tiny Brian May Vox VBM1 which you can only find on places like Ebay, etc. So, they’re not easily replicated.

  • Binson Echorec
  • Fuzz Face (ge/se)
  • Tonebender
  • Rangemaster treble boost
  • Octavia
  • Foxx Tone Machine
  • Big Muff + variants

I’d like to see this too, a proper effort with bass amp modellers, aside from just the usual flip top/GK models etc. It’s cool they’ve included the Aguilar heads from the initial list, but I’d like to see more on there for sure, to keep up a little with the huge guitar list.

I’d love to see some decent synth models on there, intelligent pitch shifting, ring modulation…


Intelligent pitch would be great - if it works great :slight_smile:


I would love to see all the darkglass stuff/ parallax all included with models of the DG cabs.


i hope for vintage amps models in very high quality for great clean tones with edge for breakup
amps for blues rock (jimi, hendrix, bonamassa, Gary moore, josh smith, philip sayce, led zep. black sabbath, pink floyd, rival sons)


Hey everyone at Neural DSP,

a few suggestions of mine: a guitar stompbox compressor such as MXR DynaComp, Xotic EP Compressor, Ross Compressor, Wampler Ego Comp, Boss CS-3 or similar.
What’s really important is a decent pitch shifter which can be used for drop tuning as a “digital capo”.


I want to be able to control the phase of the signal when I split it. Say I have one side going out of the FX loop to a pedal, and I have another side going through internal effects. The extra A/D-D/A of the FX loop is going to add a very slight delay to the signal. I want to be able to compensate for that slight delay, so that the outboard path and the inboard path are in phase again. Thanks!



Digitech - Freqout style feedback creating effect
Zuul - ultra fast and clever noisegate with key input
Strobe tuner - ultra precise tuning ± 0.002 cents